Xiao Ascension Materials | Genshin Impact Guide

Xiao is one of the playable characters in Genhin Impact that was introduced in-game patch 1.3. More importantly, the Ascension Material is an item in the game that allows players to upgrade their character to the maximum level.

If you’re looking for a guide for the Xiao Ascension materials then you’re on the right webpage. Here we featured information that covers all about the Xiao Ascension Materials along with other useful information.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

Xiao Ascension Materials

As explained above the Ascension Material is used to level the character in Genshin Impact. If you are playing with Xiao and wanted to maximize its level then you need to know all Ascension Materials that you can use to max out its levels such as health, attack, defence, and critical hit effectiveness.

Below is the list of all Ascension Materials for Xiao.

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levelAscension materialsMora cost
20x1 Vayuda Turquoise Silver / x3 Qingxin / x3 Slime Condensate20k
40x3 Vayuda Turquoise Fragment / x2 Juvenile Jade / x10 Qingxin / x15 Slime Condensate40k
50x6 Vayuda Turquoise Fragment / x4 Juvenile Jade / x20 Qingxin / x12 Slime Secretions60k
60x3 Vayuda Turquoise Chunk, x8 Juvenile Jade, x30 Qingxin, x18 Slime Secretions80k
70x6 Vayuda Turquoise Chunk / x12 Juvenile Jade / x45 Qingxin / x12 Slime Concentrate100k
80x6 Vayuda Turquoise Gemstone / x20 Juvenile Jade / x60 Qingxin / x24 Slime Concentrate120k

Xiao Talent Materials

Similar to the Ascension Materials you need to also upgrade Xiao Talent Materials to maximize its level of abilities. For this, you need to obtain lots of Slime and Prosperity to max out the DPS level of Xiao.

More importantly, Xiao has 3 times the combat Talent does you need to spend Talent Materials 3 times to upgrade all his Talent levels?

Below is the Talent Material for Xiao.

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Xiao Talent levelTalent materialsMora cost
2x3 Teachings of Prosperity / x6 Slime Condensate12,500
3x2 Guide to Prosperity / x3 Slime Secretions17,500
4x4 Guide to Prosperity / x4 Slime Secretions25,000
5x6 Guide to Prosperity / x6 Slime Secretions30,000
6x9 Guide to Prosperity / x9 Slime Secretions37,500
7x4 Philosophies of Prosperity / x4 Slime Concentrate / x1 Shadow of the Warrior120,000
8x8 Philosophies of Prosperity / x6 Slime Concentrate / x1 Shadow of the Warrior260,000
9x12 Philosophies of Prosperity / x9 Slime Concentrate / x2 Shadow of the Warrior450,000
10x16 Philosophies of Prosperity / x12 Slime Concentrate / x2 Shadow of the Warrior / x1 Crown of Insight700,000

This is to sum up for Xiao Ascension and Talent guide for more helpful content do read our Genshin Impact Guides.

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