Genshin Impact Arlecchino Kit Leaks When it’s playable 

Overture Teaser: The Final Fest trailer is live on the internet, many users are discussing whether the most awaited character of Genshin Impact, Arlecchino will make her debut in the new update or this year.

It’s still a mystery but other characters appeared during the animated trailer. They will appear in Genshin Impact during Fontaine’s release. Arlecchino first appeared in an animated teaser Known as Tevyat Chapter Interlude: A Winter Night’s Lazzo 

Let’s discuss the Arlecchino Genshin Impact here in this guide from beginning to debut. 

Arlecchino Genshin Impact

Arlecchino, a girl also known as The Knave. She belongs to the Snezhnaya region and is one of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. She runs an orphanage, House of the Earth, where she trains orphans. That Orphans are then later sent to Fatui as a Soldier. 

Uncle YC hints wrt Arlecchino’s kit
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Rumors are spreading on the internet that Arlecchino will be playable after Genshin Impact’s new update 4.0. Arlecchino is voiced in English by Erin Yvette and in Japanese she has the voice of Nanako Mori. She was first mentioned by an NPC in Genshin Impact during the World Quest Series. 

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When will Arlecchino be playable in Genshin Impact?

Sorry, to break the news that there is no official date mentioned by the developers, miHoYo to release Arlecchino in Genshin Impact. But, there are good chances that she will be introduced soon in the game.

Arlecchino Kit(includes a leaked image)
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Also, she will play a crucial role in the Genshin Impact. We know that she runs an Orphanage. While exploring the Genshin Impact, we came across a character named Lyudpochka Schneitzven, who mentioned that she was raised in Orphanage. 

In Arlecchino orphanage, where she takes care of the children as per gender she names them such as if she is a girl she will refer to as the Schneitzven, and if it’s a boy he will be referred to as the Scheneitzvich. That means sons or daughters of snow. 

Further, we are trying to plot a script like she will be introduced in Genshin Impact through any of the orphans raised by her. It’s only a possibility we are assuming nothing much. 

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However, there are no more details shared about her like her weapons, skills, abilities, and quests by her. We are guessing that she will release it around the 4.0 patch. 


Overall, she might be introduced to the game in 2023 around the end of August. She will be a badass character in the Genshin Impact. The Knave was introduced two times in the game before, so fans are pretty curious about her.

As we can see in the trailer she is quite fascinating like a goth girl, with black clothes and blond hair. She might have unexceptional skills like she trained the orphans at her orphanage. Nonetheless, we will inform you all about her once we make appearances in Genshin Impact.