Genshin Impact Focalors: All You Need To Know

Now we are heading to the next part of Teyvat, as Sumeru was quite existing and now players are looking for a new fantasy world of Teyvat.

In Genshin Impact there are seven nations in Teyvat and each nation is ruled by its God. As of now, Sumeru was the fourth nation of the Teyvat Genshin Impact.

We have collected information that the fifth nation of the Teyavat map is Fontaine and The Archon: Genshin Impact Focalors.

After you complete the Sumeru region in Teyvat you will lead to the next map Fontaine and it’s a hydro-themed region ruled by Genshin Impact Focalors. The people of the Hydro region trust more on technology and justice than any other thing.

Here we have listed things about Genshin Impact Focalors. May the guide be helpful for you?

Genshin Impact Focalors

Focalors, the God of Justice rules one of the seven nations of Teyavat, Fontaine. You can explore the Fontaine, Teyavat Genshin Impact but you need to first complete the Sumeru region of Teyavat. 

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Fontain is a God of Justice and no one can cross the justice of her. She has a personal interest in the trial of justice. The justice may be not in anyone’s favor but the final verdict will be hers.

To give a brief idea about the Genshin Impact Focalors has light blue hair and wears a small hat too. She dresses in light blue and white shades and is also equipped with a vision on her waistband.

Focalors here we have mentioned his quote:

“My ideals have no stains. I must correct the sinner. People here bear no sins in the eyes of the gods… Only laws and the Tribunal can judge someone. They can even judge me. So praise my magnificence and purity”.


Other Than That, Genshin Impact Dainsleif refers to her as a prodigy in the courtroom. She is one of the gods of the Genshin Impact Teyavat fantasy world and she seeks justice but doesn’t want to be enemies with other gods and she tries to avoid war and rages between other regions.

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Also, Fontaine was first ruled by another Archon. Genshin Impact Focalors was not on the table of the Original Seven members. She waited for her chance, when the Fontain previous Archon died in war she Occupied the Fontaine.

When she was seated on the Crown, she sent the Lochfolk on a mission to spy on the other places to collect information for the betterment of Fontaine. But there was a misunderstanding between Lochfolk and God of Justice Focalors was not agreeing to the same and Lochfolk never returned from a mission.

Genshin Impact Focalors

Focalors symbolize both sea and wind, she is also known as the Duke of Hell. Further, it belongs to hydro elements so she has hydro vision.

However, there are other lots of insider information about the Genshin Impact Focalors but they don’t have any basis as of now. There is also no announcement or no major update, so all we can do is assume.

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Don’t be in a rush to complete the Sumeru and explore the new region of Teyavat. First, complete Sumeru, and after that as the new map will unlock and new enemies and features will be added you will enjoy the next part even more.

Currently, focus on the main storyline of the game rather than completing the main objective of Genshin Impact.