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Even though Genshin Impact is a huge game on its own, the inclusion of Inazuma increased the amount of activity in Teyvat. You should begin learning the new regional specializations as soon as a new area enters the game so that you may fast advance your characters.

Naku Weed, one of several Inazuma specialties you’ll need, is among the riskiest plants in the game to gather. This item is required for a few missions in the area and is probably going to be an ascend item for Yoimiya and other forthcoming characters in the area.

Where will you find Naku Weed in Inazuma?

The most dangerous areas of Inazuma are where you may find Naku Weed growing. In fact, except for Watatsumi Island, they are present on almost every item in the game right now.

You will probably sustain significant injury when attempting to pluck the plant because it grows in environments that are loaded with harmful electrical energy. As you finish quest lines to make the locations where Naku Weed blooms safer to explore, this will alter. Use Beidou’s shield to protect yourself from electrocution.

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If your crew is exploring the regions of Inazuma where such a plant thrives, be sure to keep a check on their health. Utilizing an insulator potion is another effective method for minimizing damage.

All 3 Naku Weed Locations in Genshin Impact

As you saw in the map of the game, there are quite a few places in Inazuma where you may find Naku Weed. When initially arriving in Inazuma, the area behind the Mikage Furnace is one of the greatest areas to harvest a sizable quantity of Naku Weed.

First Place To Find Naku Weed

First Naku Weed Location
First Place To Find Naku Weed

However, you must finish the Tatara Tales questline and destroy the barrier around the furnace in order to enter it. You should also be aware that the region is teeming with Fatui, making it occasionally quite deadly.

Second Place To Find Naku Weed

Second Naku Weed Location
Second Place To Find Naku Weed

It will be much simpler to harvest Naku Weed once you have finished the Tatara Tales’ main quest because the land won’t be electro-infused.

Third Place To Find Naku Weed

Third Naku Weed Locations
Third Place To Find Naku Weed

Naked Weed on the Island of Murakami

Naku Weed may be found next to the electrified water at the foot of Mount Yougou if you don’t yet have access to the Mikage Furnace region.

On Yashiori Island, you may also locate them close to the Gorge. You should access the region as soon as you can because the majority of this plant is also still close to the Mikage Furnace. If you haven’t already, start the quest by going to the adjacent Kujou Encampment.

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You should visit Seirai Island as soon as you have established within Inazuma. The greatest amount of Naku Weed may be found on this island.

However, when you initially go to the island, you’ll find that it’s difficult to explore since there are devastating electrical barriers that can completely deplete your character’s health.

You must finish the mission “Seirai Stormchasers” in order to get accessibility to the Naku Weed. By removing the boundaries, it will be simpler to explore the object and collect about 70 plants every visit.

Can you buy Naku weed?

Naku Weed is indeed available in Inazuma City. Aoi sells the plant at Tsukumomono Groceries. Every few days, she replenishes her supply of Naku Weed and offers five of the plants at once.

The cost of Naku Weed is 1,000 mora per unit or 5,000 morae again for a complete supply. Increasing your city’s reputation will enable you to purchase this item at a lower price.

The gardening update has included the ability to cultivate Naku Weed in a Serenitea Pot in addition to purchasing it. Tubby will sell you the Luxuriant Glebe plot for 300 realm coins, which is what Naku Weed utilizes. Naku Weed seeds may be purchased from Tubby for 5 realm cash apiece if you don’t have the seed dispensary.

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How to farm Naku weed in Genshin Impact

With the help of a new option in the 2.0 update, you may either plan a path to harvest Naku Herb and even start picking up Sakura Bloom all along the way, and you can actually grow them in the Serenitea Pot.

The “The Art of Horticulture” mission may be finished if you have obtained a Naku Weed from Madarame Hyakubei and reached Inazuma reputation level 3. You receive a Seed Dispenser device from Madame Ping as payment.

Equip it, then gather objects to transform them into seeds. The portion of the garden known as Luxuriant Glebe is where Naku Weed thrives in particular.

Take on any of the latest Genshin Impact update’s tasks, such as the Konda Well mission and the Araumi challenge that unlocks a new Domain, if you get tired of collecting stuff. This is it for today’s guide.

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