GTA Online: San Andreas Mercenaries Release Date & Time

Just assemble your broadband and download the new patch update of GTA 5 Mercenaries. GTA 5 patch 1.67 update mercenaries will be downloaded by PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox, and PC users.

There are some new characters, new vehicles (old car is removed), features, and a lot more just updating and taking down rivals. Other than that are a few updates in GTA like sprint control, More Mutual Insurance, and a lot more. There are new characters added in GTA 5, Charlie Reeds.

Let’s discuss all in brief in this guide. 

What is GTA Online Mercenaries Released Date

GTA 5 Mercenaries Released Date
Rockstar Games

GTA 5 Online San Andreas Mercenaries was released on the 13th June of 2023. The game update was available for different regions in their time zones such as 3 AM PT, 6 AM ET, and 11 AM BST.

The download size is as listed are given below.

  • PC – 2.27GB
  • Xbox One – 2.63 GB
  • PS4 – 2.29 GB
  • Xbox Series X/S – 12.6 GB
  • PS5 – 5.57 GB.
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In this update, you will explore new events, Tactical SMG, Daily time trials, and battles with the army of Merryweather Security. Check this all here 

Let’s look at what’s in the GTA 5 Mercenaries Update: 

  • There are new six solo and multiplayer missions added in the new update
  • There will be also three private contract mission
  • At Free Trade Shipping Co have four source missions for you 
  • Three Sell Mission at Free Trade Shipping Co. 

GTA 5 Mercenaries Update Notes:

  • With Mors Mutual Insurance claim all destroyed vehicle 
  • From now on you don’t have to pay for personal vehicle recovery charges to Mors while on contact mission 
  • Locate your quick ride with custom description tags for the garage 
  • At Eclipse Blvd garage you can acquire any vehicle from individual floors 
  • On the F-160 Raiju Plane press the D-Pad right to activate Stealth Mode. For take and landing use L3/LS
  • You can now add the sprint option from setting menu hold to sprint
  • Willard Eudora and Classique Broadway can use Taxi Liveries for Taxi Work.
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GTA 5 Mercenaries Gameplay Update:

  • You will find a Register as a Boss option in the Interaction Menu you can now easily make an Organization or Motorcycle Club.
  • From the new update, you won’t require rank for body armor. A new Buy All option is added at Ammu–Nation.
  • Now body armor will represent the stats. 
  • Get rid of the Phone Calls of Tom Conners or English Davw while Parachuting or FreeFall. 
  • Show your solo skills in Madrazo Dispatch Service, multiplayer mode isn’t mandatory 
  • Taking part in any of the Daily Objective ranks is not the issue here now
  • You can go to the interaction Menu, select the name of your Acid Product, and get a 5% sell Bonus. 

Know about Balancing Update in GTA 5 Mercenaries Update:

  • Receive more payouts on the collectibles and events, you will receive a 25% payout more in Gerald’s Last Play and A Superyacht Lift. 
  • On freemode on P–996 Lazer can perform Rebalancing. 
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Know about Career Progress Update IN GTA 5 Mercenaries Updates:

Now you can know your Criminal Activities, a new feature that will have data on your progress throughout the game from scratch to your empire. You can find all that from the pause menu or Online main menu. 


Here we have listed many things you can find in the new update of the GTA 5 San Andreas Mercenaries. There are many new things added to the vehicle and Charlie Reeds. You can explore all those things and have any confusion let us know through the Comments.