GYLT How Many Endings Are There

Wondering, GYLT How Many Endings Are There? Gaming fans understand the thrill and exhilaration that comes with finishing a gripping game. The Endings of GYLT is a haunted adventure game produced by Tequila Works. GYLT provides players with a variety of endings, each with its own significance and consequence on the whole experience. This guide will go through all of the possible GYLT endings and how to obtain them. 

The game has various alternative outcomes that are determined by Sally’s (or, more accurately, your) actions during the game. These endings affect the character’s destiny as well as the overall resolve of the tale.

GYLT guide
Image Credit: Tequila Works

All GYLT endings and how to get them

The game offers three different endings based on the choices you make. The outcome of the game depends solely on one factor – who will ride the cable car. Let’s take a look at each ending and how to unlock them.

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Happy Ending 

To reach a satisfactory ending, the player must save at least 10 characters utilizing blood quartz bits strewn around the game. By doing so, Sally will have enough ticket pieces at the end so that when she is asked who receives the single ticket, she will graciously send it over to Emily.

Bad Ending number 1

To reach this ending, you must have Sally slip the ticket inside Emily’s coat pocket. Emily will be encouraged to board the cable car as a result of this. Sally realized she was making a major mistake by leaving herself alone to confront a swarm of scary beasts with little hope of escape.

Bad Ending number 2

To obtain this ending, you must eventually convince Sally to board the cable car by herself. Though some may perceive her actions as betraying her friend, Sally defends herself by claiming she is not to blame for Emily’s departure. Sally’s underlying reason for coming on this tour was her wish to return home with Emily so that her fellow citizens would be more ready to forgive her for her earlier misdeeds.

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That’s how many endings there are in GYLT as I’ll see you in the next guide.