How to Unlock Hearthstone Wild Mode

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How You Can Unlock Hearthstone Wild Mode

Originally, as we know, the Wild format was easiest for new gamers. However, things have changed, and now it mainly focuses on experienced players who know a lot about the game. In Wild mode, there are plenty of cards to choose from compared to Standard.

Therefore, players have to know which ones they need, as ultimately, you are the one who has to understand how the cards work together.

To play the game in Wild format, you have a few options to unlock it. One way is by joining a special Tavern Brawl where you need to use your Wild cards. These Brawls are easy to access and they change every week.

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Another way is by playing Ranked matches. When you begin, you’ll be matched with players of similar skill. You have 40 ranks to progress through in the Apprentice league, and you won’t lose ranks initially. You can earn rewards like card packs and Gold.

After reaching Apprentice 1, you will advance to the regular Ranked level, starting at Bronze 10. Then you can craft your Wild cards and play on the Wild ladder as well.

There’s also a chance that you can wait for the yearly card rotation in the game. If you have cards from the previous year’s expansion, they will become part of Wild. You can play in that format too, if you’re lucky enough.

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