Pokémon Go: How to Catch Walrein, Counters, and Weaknesses

In Pokémon Go, catching rare and powerful Pokémon like Walrein can be a very exciting challenge. 

Walrein is an ice or water-type Pokemon, which of course has its own power and weakness. If you want to catch one, you need to know everything about it. 

So, in this article, we will guide you on how to catch Walrein, its weaknesses, and a few effective counters against Walrein.  So, stay tuned till the end! 

Where To Find and Catch Walrein in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go Walrein
Image via Gameinstants

As we already discussed, Walrein is a water or ice-type Pokemon, so we can easily assume that it can be found somewhere around water bodies or snowy mountain areas.

If you want to catch one, you can either travel to a river or lake and if you are near snowy mountains, you can try your luck there as well. 

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So, after knowing where to find Walrein, you must want to catch one, but do you know how to defeat them? And what are their weaknesses? In our next pointer, we will be discussing Walrein’s weakness so that you can easily catch one for yourself! 

Walrein Weaknesses Pokemon Go

To effectively battle against Walrein and catch them, it is very important for you to understand their weaknesses.

So, it is said that Walrein is weak against electric, fighting, grass, and rock-type moves because he has water and ice-type moves. 

Electric-type Pokémon have a significant advantage due to Walrein’s double weakness to electric moves. Fighting, grass, and rock-type Pokémon can also exploit Walrein’s weaknesses and deal super-effective damage. 

So, therefore, it is suggested that you plan your team accordingly by selecting Pokémon with these move types (suggested above) to increase your chances of defeating and catching Walrein. 

Now, it’s time to reveal some awesome Pokemon, which are strong counters against Walrein. 

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Walrein Counters in Pokemon Go

So, here are some Pokémon that make excellent counters against Walrein: (if you wanted to catch one) 


First is a powerful electric-type Pokémon with moves like Thunder Shock and Wild Charge. Use Raikou’s electric moves to deal massive damage to Walrein, as we know electric moves are really powerful against Walrein. 


The second is the fighting/steel-type Pokémon that can utilize moves like Counter and Aura Sphere. But you have to be cautious of any water-type moves Walrein may use, as they can deal significant damage to Lucario. 


Third is a grass-type Pokémon with moves like Vine Whip and Power Whip. Tangrowth resists water and ice-type moves and can deal super-effective damage with its grass moves against the Walrein. 


Fourth is the rock-type Pokémon, known for its high damage output. Use moves like SmackDown and Rock Slide to take advantage of Walrein’s weakness to rock-type attacks. 

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Fifth is another potent electric-type Pokémon with moves like Thunder Shock and Wild Charge. Its high attack stat allows it to dish out significant damage to Walrein. 

Lastly, let us know your views on the suggested tips! Happy playing!

This is all for how to get Walrein in Pokemon Go for more similar guides do check our Pokemon Go guides section.