Harry Potter Magic Awakened How to Get Out of Dorm

In Harry Potter Magic Awakened, many gamers are facing the bug “Stuck inside Dorm”. The game is currently in its soft launch server, so it’s pretty simple that users might have to face many errors.

Harry Potter Magic Awakened How to Get Out of Dorm, isn’t an error. When you visit the room back and sleep in the dorm, the next day you won’t go out of the dorm. It might be due to age restrictions or your device facing any issues with the game. Here, you will find the fixes for the Stuck Inside Dorm error. 

Harry Potter Magic Awakened How to Get Out of Dorm?

In Harry Potter Magic Awakened stuck inside a dorm is might due to age restrictions. So, to resolve the issues you have to change your age as an adult 21+. Here we have listed some of the fixes that you can apply to fix stuck inside dorm errors. 

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Troubleshooting Methods

While creating Harry Potter Magic Awakened if you have selected your age as 21+ then you might not face the stuck inside dorm error. But still, your character is stuck in a dorm, you just have to apply the troubleshooting methods.

To get rid of the stuck inside dorm bug, you can restart the game, reboot the device, and uninstall and reinstall the game. After that, you might not face the error. But if you are still facing a stuck inside dorm bug then file a complaint or support website. It will only work if you have mentioned 21+ age while logging in the game. 

Change your character age to 21+: Create a new account 

In case you haven’t mentioned the game 21+ then you have to restart the game. You can create a new account with the age of 21+ and start the game from the beginning. The progress won’t be retained though.

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But, it takes place in the early phase of the game so creating a new account might not be that hard. The reason your character is not getting out of the dorm is due to the age restriction of the Harry Potter Magic Awakened. 


These all are the fixes for stuck inside the dorm bug. All Harry Potter Magic Awakened might not face the stuck inside dorm error, it’s based on the area and localities. Some of the region has put some regulation on the game. So, if you are a minor you won’t be able to access some of the content that’s why you won’t be able to leave the dorm.

On the other hand, if you are 21+ try troubleshooting methods. It always works for all bugs. Players under 21+ may create a new account with age 21+ to play the Harry Potter Magic Awakened.