Hogwarts Legacy: Who is Voldemort’s Descendant: Meet Ominis Gaunt

Hogwarts Legacy is based in the 1890s, preceding Lord Voldemort’s birthday by 36 years. The Dark Lord isn’t in the game but some easter eggs such as names highlight his bloodline. One of the most overlooked characters is Voldemort’s descendant, who often accompanies the Main Character in quests.

Before moving on, let’s understand Voldemort’s lineage. Tom Marvolo Riddle’s father was a Muggle named Tom Riddle Sr. while his mother, Merope Gaunt, was a witch who descended from Salazar Slytherin. His maternal grandfather was Marvolo Gaunt – whose ring he took and turned into a Horcrux after murdering his paternal grandparents and his father. After all, Voldemort hated everything Muggle-associated in his bloodline.

In Hogwarts Legacy, players are introduced to Ominis Gaunt, who comes from Tom Riddle’s maternal lineage. He is first mentioned by Sebastian during the ‘In the Shadow of the Bloodline’ quest. Ominis didn’t want to explore Salazar’s secret Scriptorium as it was used for the Dark Arts and he surprisingly didn’t possess any of the sadistic, Muggle-torturing intent that was related to the House of Gaunt.

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Ominis Gaunt Hogwarts Legacy
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Voldemort’s Descendant in Hogwarts Legacy: Character Analysis of Ominis Gaunt

Similar to other members of the Gaunt family, Ominis had a tragic upbringing. He didn’t share any of the hate for Muggles so when his family told him to perform the Cruciatus Curse on them, he was unable to do so. This got him punished and he was subjected to multiple Crucio curses. The whole story is told by Sebastian.

Fan theories suggest that Ominis Gaunt became blind due to the treatment received from his sibling, Marvolo Gaunt. This makes Ominis Voldemort’s great uncle from the maternal side. Others think that he was born blind and couldn’t perform the Cruciatus Curse because his heightened hearing skills made their shrieks horrific.

“If you cast Crucio, you will regret it forever.”

– Ominis Gaunt’s hatred for the curse

Ominis Gaunt and Sebastian’s friendship

Players experience the friendship of Ominis and Sebastian first-hand during the ‘In the Shadow of the Undercroft’ quest. Sebastian tells the main character about his sister, Anne, and his friend, Ominis, before the next quest reveals that Anne was grievously injured during an attack.

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Sebastian locates a mysterious scriptorium that he believed would have got the cure for Anne. Ominis Gaunt and the main character tag along with him. As the story progresses in the Salazar Slytherin Scriptorium and the Undercroft, players notice the increasing worry of Ominis due to Sebastian’s reliance on the Dark Arts.

Uncle Solomon cut all ties with Sebastian after he continuously used the forbidden curses to save his sister. Eventually, during the ‘In the Shadow of the Relic’ quest, he loses all control and fires the Killing Curse on his uncle. Players get the option of turning in Sebastian to the authorities or releasing him.

If Sebastian is turned in to the authorities, the player plays under the wishes of Ominis Gaunt. The transition of a friendship descending into chaos due to the Dark Arts is somewhat symbolic of Severus Snape and Lily Potter.

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