Honkai: Star Rail: Where Are the Wubbaboo

After completing the Asta Companion Mission, three difficulties of the “Signs of Fragmentum” sidequest become available. These aren’t tough, but they do require attentive attention.

That’s because the goal is to find Wubbaboo. You cannot, however, open the map since this is a particular challenge zone.

To make things simpler, these are the locations of the four Wubbaboo hidden in Honkai: Star Rail “Signs of Fragmenum” Difficulty I. If you’re at level 34, you should be able to complete all of the extra tasks for bonus Stellar Jades.

Fragmentum level 1

Difficulty 1 Wubbaboo Location
wubbaboo locations honkai

There are four Wubbaboo to gather at this level. The first is visible so that players may learn the technique. Next, use a hologram to enter the room since the second Wubbaboo is hiding behind the doorway.

Difficulty 1 Wubbaboo Second Location
wubbaboo locations honkai

There will be a left and right path from the second Wubbaboo head right and grab the Beacon Data from the Wubbaboo before returning to the left route. Follow the left path until you come across an adversary blocking a red gate, then beat them and grab the Wubbaboo on the side.

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Fragmentum level 2

The first Wubbaboo is located beneath the platform from which players begin the challenge, while the second is located inside the chamber, adjacent to a holographic blue sign. There are two staircases leading left and right from the second Wubbaboo.

To begin, take the right steps and follow the corridors to an Unearthly Marvel puzzle, then cross the platform to discover a Wubbaboo lurking in the corner.

Then go to the left stairwell, since there are two doors in the room, each with one Beacon Data. The Wubbaboo on door A is lurking beneath a bridge, but the Wubbaboo on door B is right on top of the tunnel.

Fragmentum level 3

To begin, proceed west to discover two Wubbaboo, one under the bridge and the other across the Unearthly Marvel puzzle. Complete the puzzle, get the Beacon Data, and then return to the bridge.

Turn left from the bridge and use the camera under the elevator in the middle to catch the third Wubbaboo. Then, go the east path to discover doors A and B. One Beacon Data Wubbaboo lives in Door A.

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After finishing the Unearthly Marvel, players should then go to door B, where they will find two additional doors. Select the correct path, and the Wubbaboo will appear near a green and purple breakable object. Be cautious as you walk through the hallways since there is an opposing player to defeat.

For completing all tasks, you will receive a three-star Guard’s Cast Iron Helmet Relic, three Adventure Logs, three Condensed Aethers, sixty Stellar Jades, and 6,000 Credits. That’s where to find Wubbaboo as I’ll see you in the next guide of Honkai: Star Rail.