How to Get Screamer Lungs in Dead Island 2

To get a Screamer’s Lung, you must find a Screamer and fight them to get their infected lung. Screamers are a type of zombie in Dead Island 2, and they are differentiated from other zombies by the way they scream.

You will have to hunt down the Screamers but remember that they are rare and not found in Dead Island 2, so you will have to do some work to get their infected organs and lungs.

Here is a guide on finding and fighting the screamers in Dead Island to take and use their lungs in Dead Island 2.

dead island 2
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Where to Find Screamers in Dead Island 2?

The only way to get the Farm Screamer is by finding and killing the screamer, and you’ll get the infected body. These are very rare, and the drop rate of these infected bodies is very rare in Dead Island. 

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Look for infected bodies passively. You’ll find screamers in Beverly Hills and the Arcade. They’re similar to Walkers, and it might be challenging to differentiate between them. Screamers can be distinguished by how they scream at you.

They yell at you in a short radius, and when they slow the yelling down, they will use a basic swing attack with one arm at a time.  

How Attack Screamers in Dead Island?

When you identify a screamer, it’s time to fight with it and get its lungs. When you find a screamer, make sure you are at a safe distance from their scream and do not get hit by their scream.

Their scream has approximately a 1-2 meter radius. The only effect you’ll get is that the other screamers can come during the attack.

To attack them and stay safe from their screams by throwing a weapon at them in the middle of a slow effect.

Using a different type of weapon would be better, than firing on them with a gun. Then you will be able to get the swollen lungs, but it is not guaranteed that you will get the infected lung. 

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That was all about how you can find and fight a screamer to get its infected lung in Dead Island 2.

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