How To Find & Get Black Wolf Mask in Elden Ring

Once you complete the Ranni questline you will get the Blaidd armor however there is one piece of the armor that is missing the helmet called Black Wolf Mask. If you can also get the black wolf mask before completing the Ranni questline and using it.

It depends on you when you want to take this item in the Elden Ring. More importantly, if you looking for a guide to know where to find the Black Wolf Mask then you’re in the correct spot.

Here we featured information that helps you to know where you can get the Black Wolf Mask without having much hassle. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

Where to find the Black Wolf Mask in the Elden Ring?

Where To Find Black Wolf Mask
Black Wolf Mask Location

The Black Wolf Mask is located in the backside on the top of the broken wall of Seluvis’ Rise tower. You need to claim up the broken wall and reach on top where you will find the mask beside the dead body.

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 So if you get the pieces of the Blaidd armor set and the wolf mask is missing then all you need is to visit the Seluvis Rise tower and go around of the tower claim the broken wall and loot the mask and then you have the complete Blaidd armor set.

More importantly, want the Wolf mask earlier in the game before completing the Ranni questline then you can also do that and collect a reset of the armor set after completing the Ranni questline.

Black Wolf Mask Elden Ring
What is Black Wolf Mask In Elden Ring

This is the end of the Black Wolf Mask location guide for more helpful content such as where to find blaidd after radahn and more do check our Elden Ring Guide section.

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