“How about a Drink?” League Quote Solution

LoLdle is a Wordle-based game that uses Riot Games’ League of Legends champions and their quotes, abilities, and splash art. I will help you if you risk losing your streak of correct guesses. Galio – the Colossus, was the final LoLdle quote of the day.

League of Legends fans had a difficult day today as we tried to figure out the question “How about a drink?” meant. 

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Who said “How about a Drink?” in LoLdle Riddle 

It is Singed who asks, “How about a drink?”. 

He is a Zaun mad scientist who is renowned for his poisonous mixtures. He uses this quote to talk about how he enjoys experimenting with chemicals and is happy to share his discoveries with others.

These were the clues for solving the Classic LoLdle riddle:

  1. Gender: Male
  2. Species: Demon Position: Jungle/Top/Mid
  3. Type of Range: Melee
  4. Runeterra is the region.
  5. The film will be released in 2011.
  6. Resource: Mana 
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Who says I will become what I must be in league?

Yorick is the champion who says, “I will become what I must be” in League of Legends. He is a gravedigger on a mission to eradicate the undead threat that has taken over his homeland. This quote refers to Yorick’s determination to fulfill his destiny, regardless of the cost.

Here is the full quote:

“I will become what I must be. A shepherd of souls, a harbinger of death, a curse upon the damned.”

Yorick says this quote when he makes his first move in a game. It is a strong statement of his purpose and commitment to his cause. Yorick’s dark and tragic backstory is also reflected in the quote. He has witnessed the horrors of the undead firsthand and is determined to stop them from spreading.

Yorick’s quote, “I will become what I must be,” reminds us that he is a force to be reckoned with. He is a fearsome champion on a mission to rid the world of the undead. Be prepared to fight Yorick if you ever encounter him in a game.

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