LOL: I Have Found My Limit A Thousand Times, And Still, I Press Further Solution

The new Mystery Champion daily quest in League of Legends has been the talk of the town among fans. Let’s see the objectives of a series of daily missions in season 12

League of Legends has developed an interesting daily challenge for the player. It is the Mystery Mission. The mission is a quote from a champion, and the players have to guess which Mystery Champion has said that quote.

That’s all there is to this mystery mission; you just need to play one game or even in the same team as a mystery champion. And you have to guess the mystery champion; it can be challenging because the game gives no clues or guides to guess from. So here I have found the answer for you!

It is time to guess another League of Legends Mystery Champion. You have to think of the champion from LoL. The idea of the game is to keep them relatively vague and see which fans know the game to guess them! The mystery mission is, “I have found my limit a thousand times, and I press further.”

Riot Games
Riot Games

I Have found my limit a thousand times, and still, I press further

Are you looking for the answer to this mystery mission? “I have found my limit a thousand times, and still I press further.” Here’s the exclusive answer I have figured out for you since this can be confusing, but don’t worry, sometimes everyone needs help. 

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We have to guess the LoL champion’s name who has said, “I have found my limit a thousand times, and still I press further,” and the official and confirmed answer to this quote of the day is;

This was said by “Pantheon.” 

If you still need to complete League of Legends new mystery mission, I have already told you the answer. Complete it now!

Is “I have found my limit a thousand times, and still I press further” A LoLdle Quote Quest?

“I have found my limit a thousand times, and still I press further. ” was the mystery mission in the game for the players to guess which League Champion has said it in League Of Legends.

But if you are wondering if “I have found my limit a thousand times and still I press further” was a LoLdle quote quest, the answer is, No, it was not a part of the regular and daily LoLdle quest wordle puzzle. But League of Legends has also been adding more LoL quotes in the game as part of the missions!

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“I have found my limit a thousand times, and still I press further” is entirely about a new LoL mystery mission in the game, which I have already answered.

Who is the last mystery champion in League of Legends?

The mystery champion quest, a daily guessing game in League of Legends for the fans to test their game knowledge, has already ended. It had nine missions, one for each day. Let’s see who is the mystery champions are in League of Legends.

The clue for the 8th mission out of nine was:

I will become what I must be.”

So the last Mystery Mission Champion is = Yorick

If you play a game with or as Yorick, you will move on to this quest’s ninth and final mission. The reward for the eighth mission is Katarina’s champion shard, which means she is the last mystery champion. Players will also earn another Hextech Chest and key for completing mission eight of nine.

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