Best Locations To Find Subnautica Cyclops Parts

Having a personal Cyclop in Subnautica significantly steps up your game. It is one of the most valuable assets/buildable for gamers. However, finding the materials and blueprints for this worthwhile build takes a lot of work. 

 This article has compiled a list of locations you can visit during your quest. 

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Where To Find Parts of the Subnautica Cyclops?

Subnautica Cyclops are mammoth submarines that make underground exploration much simpler and more accessible.

They can go as low as the depth of 500-1700 m. However, players must find the blueprints and materials to build them. Finding these parts is not a piece of cake. Therefore, below are some locations to check during your search. 

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Mushroom Forest

Especially sweep through the northeastern part of the mushroom forest. There is a good chance of finding some hull and bridge fragments here. 

The Sea Treader’s Path

The sea treader covers sparse reefs, dunes, great reefs, and a blood kelp Zone. Look for bridge and hull fragments in this trail. 

Floating Island

The floating island is also a rich biome where you can find edible plants and fragments. 


Aurora is an advantageous location. It comes with dangers. You may have to keep a radiation suit post-explosion. Aurora can offer titanium, food fragments, and more. 

Jellyshroom Cave

This cave offers you engine parts. But beware of the impending danger of crab snakes. 

Crash Zone

The crash zone is the area that surrounds the Aurora wreckage. Despite the threat from lurking reaper leviathans, you should go there to get a ton of metal salvage, flocks of Skyrays, and bridge fragments. 

East of Mountain Island

You can explore this area barefoot and find speckled rattlers for energy. There is a high probability of finding Cyclops parts on the eastern side. 

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Underwater Islands

This area is also very resourceful and contains quartz, diamonds, and engine fragments.


Wrecks contain valuable technology, engine fragments, and data boxes as well. 

Crag Field

Crag Field is an abundantly rocky terrain that houses many different Cyclops parts. 

Underwater Mountains

You can locate an underwater mountain range upon going northeast from Lifepod 5. Look for some blueprints here but beware of lurking Reaper Leviathans.

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