Dark and Darker How To Level Up?

Players are typically aware of how to level up in Dark and Darker, but still, they need to be fully aware of the mechanics on which the XP works.

In other words, People understand EXP but need to know the exact values or the strategies for leveling. So let’s jump on the primary purpose of this article to let you all know all the leveling techniques about Dark and Darker how to level up.

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Leveling Mechanism of Dark and Darker

The player’s Character will have only one slot at the beginning of the game, but as the player progresses, extra spaces will be granted on level 5, level 10, and level 15. Characters will have a tree based on skills which will unlock more skills after progressing more and more in the game.

How to find XP

Now that the basic concepts have been understood, where to gain EXP in the game? There are still a lot of options to do this. The most straightforward approach is entering the dungeon and killing all other players in the lobby or NPC enemies. This can help players to get more EXP, but there are still more ways to gain EXP from different sources.

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How to quickly level up

Different methods exist to gain exp fast In Dark and Darker, by using a red portal that could result in a run on a more dangerous floor. Still, the gear’s importance is much higher than the level, so getting a safe extraction from the dungeon is better.

The quickest way to level up for new players is to go out through the blue portal. This can help gain multiple levels in one go.

Lastly, remember that only that Character will be granted by EXP, who will have the last hit on the enemy. So, it’s better to play with experienced teammates to assist them while killing to get EXPs.

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