How Do You Cut a Ammo Stack in Tarkov?

Escape from Tarkov is known for its vast array of different types of ammunition, and understanding how to split ammo can be incredibly useful. This guide aims to provide a quick explanation of how you can split ammo in order to avoid taking full stacks into a raid unnecessarily.

It’s important to minimize losses, especially when dealing with expensive ammunition. Additionally, the same principles can be applied to splitting other items, such as currency (rubles).

Assessing Your Ammo Needs

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The amount of ammo you’ll need in a raid will depend on the weapon you choose to bring. If you plan on staying in the raid for an extended period. Y

You may want to bring several stacks loaded into magazines or even keep a stack of bullets in your secure container for quick access. Your decision should take into account your confidence in your skills and knowledge of the map.

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Simple Steps to Split Ammo

Splitting ammo in Escape from Tarkov is a straightforward process. To begin, hold down the “CTRL” button on your keyboard. Next, click on a stack of ammo, and while still holding “CTRL,” drag the desired amount to another slot.

split ammo in tarkov
battlestate games

You can perform this action during a raid, in your stash, or even within a container. As you progress, consider investing in an Ammo Case for better storage organization.

Keep Your Stash Organized

Having items scattered throughout your stash can be incredibly frustrating, especially when starting out in the game or during a new wipe.

Make sure you’re prepared and have your ammo split and organized the way you want before entering a raid. This will save you time and prevent unnecessary confusion or delays during gameplay.

Understanding the Splitting Process

When you drag a stack of ammo to another slot, a menu will appear, allowing you to select a specific number. The number you choose determines the quantity that will be split from the original stack.

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For instance, if you CTRL+click-drag a stack of 60 ammo and enter 30, both slots will now contain 30 rounds. As you progress further into the game, consider having sets of ammo ready for PMC runs to minimize downtime between raids.


The level of stash organization required will depend on how you play Escape from Tarkov. If you frequently purchase new gear and ammo, a thorough organization may not be as necessary.

However, if you prefer having everything in order and readily available, investing time in organizing your stash and splitting ammo will prove beneficial.