How to Use the Compass in Escape from Tarkov?

In Escape from Tarkov, the EYE MK.2 professional hand-held compass is a valuable tool that can help you navigate the game’s vast maps. This guide will explain how to unlock, equip, and use the compass effectively.

Unlocking the Compass

To unlock the compass, you need to complete a quest from the Mechanic called Introduction.” You get this quest after completing the Gunsmith Part 1.

Once the Mechanic offers you the mission, accept it and join a raid on the Woods map. Your objective is to locate a camp built by another NPC named Jaeger. In the camp, you’ll find a message that you need to deliver to the Mechanic. It’s crucial to survive the raid with the message in your inventory.

Finding Jaeger’s Camp

The location of Jaeger’s camp is hinted at in the quest description: “Look where the hunter would wait for his prey. Where the iron bird has fallen.” This refers to a destroyed plane in the area, situated on the eastern side of Woods near the Plane Crash and Wooden Lookout Post locations.

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Once you reach the Wooden Lookout Post-rock formation, locate a small wood camping area surrounded by trees. Search the ground nearby, and you’ll find a note. Pick it up and proceed to the nearest extraction point.

Note: If you die during the raid, you’ll have to restart the quest from the beginning.

Equipping the Compass

After successfully extracting from the raid, go to the Mechanic’s tasks menu and turn in the item. Complete the quest, and you’ll receive rewards, including access to Jaeger as a new Trader.

Visit Jaeger’s store, where you can purchase the EYE MK.2 professional hand-held compass for 203,506 Roubles. Make sure you have enough funds to acquire this item.

Using the Compass

cant use compass tarkov
how to use compass tarkov

To use the compass, you must equip it in one of the three Special Slots available. Drag the compass to the desired slot and assign a number key (4 to 0) as a quick key for easy access during a raid. Items in the Special Slots will not be lost upon death, so bring your compass with you on every raid.

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During a raid, press the assigned number key to bring up the compass in your left hand while your weapon remains in your right hand. The compass will remain open as long as you’re walking but will automatically close when you start sprinting.

The compass displays the North and South directions. The red arrow indicates North, while the green/white arrow represents South. As you move in different directions, the arrows will adjust accordingly.

what button to use compass tarkov
how to use compass tarkov

The compass is a valuable tool for orienting yourself on the map, especially when you’re new to the game. By using an interactive map in conjunction with the compass, you can locate extraction points and points of interest more easily.

Simply follow the North or South direction and take note of significant landmarks. With practice, you’ll develop a better understanding of the maps in Escape from Tarkov.


Using the compass in Escape from Tarkov is essential for navigating the game’s expansive maps. Unlock the compass by completing the “Introduction” quest from the Mechanic, equip it in one of the Special Slots, and use it to determine the North and South directions. Combine the compass with an interactive map for optimal navigation and exploration during your raids.

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