Pokemon Go: How To Get Souvenir from Buddy

In 2019 Ninatic introduced a Buddy Pokemon System. Buddy Pokmon is your journey-walking partner. Players can select any Pokemon from their Pokedex list.

As many players travel with the Buddy Pokemon, the affection level increase according to that. But, players have to feed them and also have to take good care of them on the journey. As players maintain good relations with Buddy Pokemon, they will give you a Gift. 

Pokemon Go Buddy Souvenier you can have when you reach a certain affection level with Buddy Pokemon. Souvenir may not help in gameplay but it shares a kind of bond with the Buddy Pokemon and Players. They may help you to reach Rank 48, players have to collect at least 20 Souvenirs. 

How to Choose Buddy in Pokemon Go?

You can choose a Pokemon from your Pokedex as your body. To do that, first, you have to go to your profile. There you will find a buddy icon.

Tap on it as you click the number of Pokemon you have collected will be there. You can choose any of these as per your convent. We will recommend you strong Pokemon, and which evolution is stronger than the normal version. 

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Here we have listed Pokemon Go Buddy Souvenir, how to get Souvenirs, and some tips to collect soon. 

  • Beach Glass
  • Cactus Fruit
  • Chalky Stone
  • Flower Fruits
  • Lone Earings
  • Marble
  • Mushroom
  • Pretty Leaf
  • Skipping Stone
  • Small Bouquet
  • Snowy Pinecone
  • Stretchy Spring
  • Torn Ticket
  • Tropical Flower
  • Tropical Shell

Particularly any of these are not helpful in games like Pokemon Stats, Skills, and Evolution. But you need to collect that because you need to build to an affection level with Buddy Pokemon. 

How To Get Souvenir from Buddy Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

Your Pokemon Go Buddy Souvenir can receive at the Ultra Buddy Level or Higher. You can reach Ultra Buddy Level if you somehow manage to collect 150 hearts.

To reach the Ultra Buddy Level in Pokemon Go you have to collect 150 hearts and it may take eight day to reach 150 hearts. 

Also when you reach the 150 hearts, as you are in Ultra Buddy Level your buddy will guide you to the next Pokestops. Further, you will receive a Heart for every Souvenir. 

When you reach 150 hearts, on the screen, above your buddy Pokemon profile you can see a gift icon there, you have to click on that to receive a souvenir. Furthermore, you will receive Souvenir from Buddy Pokemon every 48 hours. 

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How to Earn Hearts In Pokemon Go?

After selecting your buddy Pokemon. When you reach their profile you can see a list of activities, as you complete the activities you will receive the hearts. 

You have to walk together, you will receive a heart for 2 KM walking with Buddy. Per day you can collect a maximum of 3 hearts for each Buddy Pokemon. 

You have to feed them and give them treats to make them happy, as you can see on the Pokemon bar. You can feed buddy Pokemon Poffins. By feeding Poffin you will receive 3 hearts.  If you feed them Poffins, you can receive hearts within half of the walking distance, e.g. you can have 1 heart for every 1 KM.

You have to feed 3 berries to buddy Pokemon so that they can stay longer with you on the map. Also, you will receive one heart for that. 

You can one heart by playing with your buddy Pokemon by going into AR mode and petting them a little.

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Also, you can collect hearts by going into the battle with them.

When you and your buddy are on the AR screen you have to take a snapshot to collect one heart. 

Also if you reach the new Pokestops with your buddy Pokemon you will receive one heart.


First, you have to choose your buddy Pokemon from your profile. After that, you have to feed, pet, walk, and go on battles to collect the hearts. You have to collect 150 hearts to become an Ultra Buddy Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

As you reach 150 hearts, your Ultra Buddy Pokemon will give you souvenirs every 48 hours. You need to collect at least 20 Souvenirs to get 48 ranks in Pokemon Go. Also, you can explore new Pokestop with Buddy Pokemon, Buddy Pokemon will Guide/Alert you to New Pokestops.

This is the sum of how to get souvenirs from your buddy in Pokemon Go for more relevant content do check our Pokemon Go guides some are given below.

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