How Old Do You Have To Be To Play Fortnite?

Fortnite, a game developed by Epic Games, made its debut in 2017 and quickly became one of the most popular online games. The game offers three distinct modes: Battle Royale, Save the World, and Creative, which have all attracted a significant number of players, particularly children. 

The most popular mode is Battle Royale, which is free to play and allows players to compete against 100 other players from around the world. This mode can be played individually or as part of a team.

Minimum Age Recommendation for Playing Fortnite 

Fortnite has been given a “T” for Teen rating by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, indicating that it is suitable for players aged 13 and above.

Here is the Epic Games’ statement on the Fortnite age rating for a competitive event.

You have to be at least 13 years old (or such other age, if greater, as may be required in your country of residence) to be eligible to participate. In addition, if you are between the ages of 13-17, you must have permission from your parent or legal guardian to do so.

Common Sense Media, a partner of Understood, also recommends the game for children aged 13 and older due to its depiction of action violence and open chat. This recommendation provides a solid starting point for parents and guardians considering whether the game is appropriate for their children.

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Some Benefits of Playing Fortnite

After playing Fortnite with my grandson, I came to realize that the game demands a high level of skill.

Players must gather resources, construct forts, and engage in battles, all of which necessitate executive functioning skills such as flexibility and planning. 

Fortnite also places a strong emphasis on teamwork, whether through playing in a duo or a four-person squad, necessitating cooperation and collaboration among players. 

All players must remain vigilant to external threats and rapidly changing circumstances, requiring them to think quickly and be prepared to evade danger. 

These are the same skills that can pose difficulties for many children with ADHD in their everyday lives. Practicing and developing these abilities through gameplay may have positive benefits that extend beyond the game itself.

Things Kids Should Avoid in Fortnite

It is advisable not to add unknown individuals to your Fortnite group and avoid playing with strangers altogether. 

It’s also recommended to turn off the “fill” mode, which automatically matches you with random players if turned on, and wait for your friends to log in to play together. 

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You can only play with friends on your list if the fill mode is off. While Battle Royale is a free-to-play game, it may prompt players to make additional purchases while playing. 

However, purchasing is not mandatory to play the game, so it’s best to avoid making any unnecessary purchases.