How Old is Franklin in GTA 5? Answered

In GTA 5 Universe, Franklin is one of the three protagonists. The other two are Trevor and Michael.

Franklin is one the important characters of the Grand Theft Auto storyline and in the game, he has Friend Lamar Davis and he also has a pet dog named Chop.

Franklin was previously involved in the business – Gangster, Bank Robber, Repossessor, and Drug dealer. Now he is a Head of F. Clinton and Partner.

Franklin Background in GTA 5

So in GTA 5, Franklin never knew who his father was. His father left him and his mother died. Also, at a very young age, he saw his mother become a cocaine addict. When he was a kid, he heard many rumors that his father used to physically abuse her mother before he left her. After that, Franklin’s father leave his mother and never returned.

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After birth, Franklin’s mother became cocaine-addicted and it led to her death. So Franklin moved in with his grandparents. From that, he starts selling cigarettes on the streets

In GTA 5 Franklin first appeared as a Repossessor with Lamar Davis. And he met with many new people on his journey and distanced himself from his family to make himself worth something.

All his choices lead to him becoming head of D. Clinton and Partner. During the whole game, there is no mention of when he was born and what his age is. If you don’t know why it is important to know the Franklin Age follow the guide.

Why is it important to know how old is Franklin in GTA 5

To understand the timeline of the game like in which period it is right now. Also, it gives a brief idea about his network, overall growth, and his friends, allies, and enemies.

At the end of the Heist task, there is some choice given like whom to kill and save. At the end of the final heist mission.

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Steve Haines gives Franklin the task to kill Trevor and Devin Waston gives them the task to kill Michael. So at the end of it, Franklin has two choices: either kill Michael, and Trevor or save both and take revenge on whoever double-crossed him.

How old is Franklin in GTA 5?

So in the GTA 5 storyline, there is no mention of his birth date. But if you look closely at his car, the number plate states that it is FC1988.

So from that you can guess he was born in 1988. So as of the game version, he may be around 33 years old in GTA 5 version 2021.

It’s in his 30s, while the oldest character in GTA 5 is Michael and he may be around 45 years old. Also if you visit the GTA fandom website you can see the Franklin age and his bio-data is mentioned over there and from that he was born in 1988.

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This is the sum of how old is Franklin in the GTA 5 guide for more relevant content such as how old is trevor and more do check our GTA 5 guides section.