How Old is Ranboo, Age, Net Worth, Girlfriend

Ranboo is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer born on November 2, 2003, and he is also an American Twitch Streamer along with YouTube and other social platforms. Well, Ranboo is popular for the Minecraft video that he uploads on his YouTube channel and Twitch Channel.

Until Ranboo has 4.3 million Twitch and 3.2 million YouTuber subscribers, not all the also members of the Dream SMP Minecraft server community.

Here in this short wiki guide, we are going to explain all about Ranboo such as his real name, age, net worth, girlfriend, dad, brother and more.

How old is Ranboo
How old is Ranboo

How Old is Ranboo?

Ranboo is born on November 2, 2003, So which means he is 18 years old and he lives in the United States. In terms of height, Ranboo is 6.6 (1.98m) tall.

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What is the Real Name of Ranboo?

According to the sources, the real name of the Ranboo is Johnathan Schlatt an Amercian. He is mostly active on YouTube, Twitch, Discord Server, Reddit, Tiktok and other social platforms.

What is the Ranboo Networth?

Ranboo has a net worth of $4 million and the major source of his income is from Twitch, Youtube, merchandise and more. But the Ranboo YouTube video content gathered million of videos but sources the income from YouTube is not consent because Ranboo does not upload videos on videos regularly.

Twitch Income: Twitch is their primary source of income for Ranboo, He generates money using ads and donations while live streaming on Twitch along with the paid subscription plans for his Twitch Channel.

Currently, Ranboo Twitch Channel has more than 56969+ paid subscribers, the cost of the paid subscription is $5 minimum. and from paid subscribers only he makes around $285000. The RabooLive Twitch Channel has 4.4 million views that also generate a good amount of reviews from video ads.

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Ranboo Merchandise:

Ranboo started is personal merchandise store in 2021 where he sold products such as t-shits, hoodies, hats and more. The domain of the store is Ranboo. fashion you can easily access it from a web browser. Moreover, the store has outstanding sales whenever there a new product is listed on the website it goes out of stock in a few days. However, there is no estimate of the income Ranboo generates from his e-commerce store.

Ranboo Face Reveal

While streaming on Twitch and other platforms Ranboo likes to wear a mask and sunglasses previously but Ranboo plans to reveal his complete face once his Twitch Channel reaches 5 million followers currently there is 4.4 million followers on his channel.

Ranboo stop wearing sunglasses on November 6, 2021, at the end of the anniversary of National Ranboo Day. He simply removes the glasses and reveals his eye on the live stream as you also in the given video.

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This is end of this short guide, Hopefully you find this information helpful.

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