Old Seal Alchemy Stars Detailed Guide

Old Seal Alchemy Stars: The old Seal is a current recruitment process that will be unlocked after finalizing the story stage. One Time if opened, the Old Seal will untie the first level.

Using the Old seal quest Legendary Aurorians are called up. When the first time a player opens the old seal, they will provoke to elect one of the four Aurorians. That elected one can be altered at any moment. But their functions will be reset.

If you own the strongest and most influential Aurorians in your team, then you may win the game easily. Your main motive should be to enlist as several six-star Aurorians as feasible in your team.

If you derive moreover then you will be able to achieve the old seal. Here we are going to talk about the Old Seal and will try to bestow you with a guide to assist your journey.

What are Old Seal Alchemy Stars?

The old seal is a system of gameplay that will be unlocked after finishing the story and quests. It enables you to own a powerful character in your team.

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And there will be a chance to win easily and skillfully because of this installation. After starting the game you will be able to see the menu and you will see below some elements that are keeled over and latched that will be unlocked only when you will be able to prosper.

So, how will you be able to get these components? This pertains to the features of the Old Seal. And you will be able to untie them as you unfold stages 7 to 14 as we spoke of before.

old seal alchemy stars

How To Compel The Old Seals?

When you ensure to untie the old seal and enter the menu then you can see four various kinds of characters. They have six stars which demonstrate that they are legendary characters and they have remarkable and unique elements also.

Legend Aurorians are usually striking, noticeable, and diverse because they have accomplished the toughest levels. You only need to raise to attain their back through the level. Here are the convenient and accessible stances.

Regal This recruitment is established on the Water Element.
Mythos This recruitment is established on the Forest Element.
Frostfire This recruitment is established on the Fire Element.
Requiem This recruitment is established on the Thunder Element.

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The Complement Quests

Here, you will discover five stages for Legendary Aurorians. You have to log in to the gameplay first to complete the complement. And if you wish to move forward to the Old Seal then you have to finalize the complement quests.

The Limitations of Old Seal Complement

As you are going to progress you will find a switch which will permit you to choose another legendary Aurorian. And here are a few restrictions which we are going to talk about.

If you shuffle your characters the quest will be reset and you have to start from the beginning. At an outset, it will be very difficult to recall and you need to think about it before finalizing the consuming quest.

You should assign one Legendary Aurorians in the Old Seal to finish the complementary quests without squandering your time on several characters.

Maybe periodically you own or manage a team concept with mono aspects so that you can assume the additional elements that are able to fit faultlessly. Then you should assign an Old Seal Aurorian. You should assess these characters before building up a new team or before concluding.

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How To Untie an Old Seal?

As you know that the old seal compels you to untie Stage 7, so first, you have to think about how well you finalize through the level as soon as possible. And you have to log in to the gameplay for 10 days.

And you should recall moreover that the Legendary Aurorians have a cap of four and are able to procure all at once. You should not worry about choosing the wrong character; you are always able to figure out the new one as you want to proceed.

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