Final Fantasy XIV Guide to Make Gil Easily 2024

Making money in Final Fantasy XIV is not hard as it seems. Here I going to share with you some of my personal ways that help me to get a good amount of money in FFXIV without having much hassle.

Well the Final Fantasy XIV newly introduced third expansion pack the Shadowbringers and its fanbase is growing per day and players need more Gil than ever since.

Generally, there are three ways to get Gil in FFXIV and they are Buy Gil, Sell Content and Crafting along with Eureka instance farming, treasure hunts or ventures and more.

In a short guide, I am sharing some of the important to make money in Final Fantasy XIV in no time so let’s get started.

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Easy Ways To Get Gil in Final Fantasy XIV?

So, As I said earlier there are generally lots of easy ways to make Gil in FFXIV without spending much time.

  1. Buy Gil
  2. Sell Content
  3. Crafting
  4. Weekly Challenges
  5. Treasure Hunts
  6. Quest
  7. Retainer Ventures

Buying Gil is like turning to the dark side, this option is for those who don’t consider the ToS as important and end up getting banned from the game.

On another hand Sell Content and Crafting are the two most used methods by the FFXIV player to make a good amount of Gil.

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For example, in Sell Content, if you’re part of the fflogs elite with ties to marketing linkshells and can get the option to work for crafters and Gil buyers in this you need to defect the bosses for them and they will take the rare loot items in exchange of the Gil.

Last, option Crafting is one of the stable methods that I recommend to you. This is one of the stable ways from which you can easily generate lots of Gil without going on the wrong path. In this method, you can make Gil by selling the latest gears food and potions and more.

There are also some other ways to get Gil in the FFXIV but these methods required time and hassle to gather a good amount of Gil in the game.

FFXIV Weekly Challenges and Duty Roulette

Doing the FFXIV Weekly Challenges and Duty Roulette are one of the ways you can try to get Gil as the reward. More importantly, if you want to maximize the amount of the Gil in Duty Roulette you need to be the ‘adventurer in need’ such as a Tanker or Healer.

These classes will reward you more Gil in return for the tasks. And you can also sell your Tomestones for rare gears and simply resell them for more Gil sound good correct? Now move to the second method.

Crafting and Gathering

Crafting and Gathering are also one of the best ways to get a stable amount of Gil in FFXIV. For this you need to find a perfect job for you in the game, mainly the best jobs for Gil rewards are Weaver, Carpenter, Culinarian, or even a Botanist.

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On the other hand Gathering items in the game is also a consistent way that you try to get the Gils. It’s one of the easy sources of making the Gils in the game. In this, you only need to gather material (as Miner). Both methods are best to make a good amount of Gils in the game.

Complete the Beast Tribe Quests, Guildleve or Levequests

Simply by completing the Quests in FFXIV you can earn a good amount of Gils. More importantly, completing this quest in the game will boost your reputation and allows you to access rare material and items within the game and you sell these to make Gil on Market Board.

Frequently Check The Market Board

In FFXIV most of the players prefer to get the gears without spending time crafting them. So these players offer a good amount of money in exchange for gears that you can craft or materials.

Simply select the items that you wanted to sell and compare the prices of other sellers of the same items and simply increase the number of stacks on your item on market.

In simple words, Buy a low price and Sell at a High this will always work for me in FFXIV to make a good amount of Gil.

Join Map Parties For Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps are also one of the best ways from which you can make Gils. When you can able to gather the maps from yourself in the game simply join the Map Parties and sell the loot for FFXIV Gold. This is also one of the time-saving methods to get Gil into FFXIV.

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Basically, you can get the Treasure Maps from high-level Disciples of the Land (Miners, Fishers, and Botanists) or you can also get them from Market Board.

Once you complete the ‘Treasures and Tribulations’ Quest at Level 36 you can able to solve these maps and make a good amount of treasure hunts.

Grand Company and Glamour Prisms

If you’re not treasure hunting then you can try the Grand Company Hunt. You can join the grand company once you main story quest on level 20.

There are mainly 2 grand companies in the FFXIV The Maelstrom from Limsa Lominsa, The Immortal Flames from Ul’dah, and The Order of the Twin Adder from Gridania. Once you join the grand company, complete the given hunt to get Gil as the reward.

Retainer Ventures

Retainer Ventures is one of the best in the game to make Gil. Once you complete the ‘Scions of the Seventh Dawn’ Main Scenario Quest on Level 17 you can send the Retainers to the Retainer Ventures. Simply completing these ventures can grant you rewards and Gil.

In this the more ventures your Retainer can complete the higher level ventures it gets with high rewards values and of course, Gil.

This is the end of this guide, hopefully, you find it helpful for more similar articles don’t forget to read our Final Fantasy XIV Guides such as FFXIV Excitatron 6000 Loot and more.