FFXIV Making Gil: Ultimate Guide (May 2022)

Final Fantasy XIV Gil

There are a lot of gaming crypto currencies but nothing can beat the standard ones in the market. One such highly used as well as recommended bitcoin currency is Final Fantasy XIV Gil also popularly known as the FF XIV Gil. How is it different and what difference does it make with the others is described below.

What is FF XIV Gil?

FF XIV Gill is the basic acronym for Final Fantasy XIV Gill which is quite popularly known as the gold, which is considered to be as the standard currency for the game. 

Final Fantasy XIV, is one the most played,  successful and widely acceptable game.  It is the multiple player online game also known as MMORPGs. Final Fantasy XIV is considered as to be the most massively used multi player online game that has special provisions like progess ypur character, quest,  dicover lore, a lot of ways to socialize and not the forgrt a lot of ways to earn gils. 

Although gils can be made through many different ways that vary from each other in many ways.  Some of them can be made easily whereas some requires lot on zime investment into it to earn the gil or the experience associated with it. Hoemwver,  those quicker methods are lot more risky and requires lot of items, experience and sometimes even investment of certain amount of gils in it. 

The main motive is to describe and elaborate the efficient and effective ways to make gils. The most interesting and popular ways are easily comparable and gain gil easily. These would help you to know and get a rough idea about the various maethods and to progarm it before making though the whole ordeal. However,  do not forget the the meta game is fluid and only ypur performance would help you to make gils. 

Below described some methods can be sometimes used together, or singularly or even mixed matched with other ones to gain the maximum benefits and gain as many as gils that are possible. Some can be done quickly while others make take a lot of time to complete it. 

ffxiv making gil without crafting

How can Final Fantasy XIV Gil be generated?

This FF XIV Gill can be generated by killing monsters, doing missions, completing quests, dungeons, and also by selling your items.

The sum total Gil is showcased on the currency panel after completing the desired tasks. The basic differential characteristic of Gil is that it can be traded by the other players through various modes like market board, mail, FC chest.

Final Fantasy XIV Gill has now its own expansion known as Shadowbringers. In the recent scenario it is at full blown fledge with innovative ideology to the add on the market. Gil is a real game changer which has been constant for a long time.

Players require Gil since like forever in every aspect rather it be the Eureka farming, ventures of the treasure hunts. There are ample ways to make these finances which can be ultimately broken into the currency through farming in the final fantasy. 


There are various ways through which the Gil can be generated which can be mentioned as :

Check the background and tax rates

One of the incredible ways to make Gil in the final fantasy XIV is quite dangerous. People can lose a huge amount of Gil only to be double the amount of Gil later. However, before investing into the market you need to ensure its quality and expectancy. Checking it beforehand may lead to favourable surprises. Likewise, it also helps to keep tabs on the tax rates, it would help to buy or sell the product if at all sold in a proper and exact city to gain the maximum profits available at the moment

Think business

The best way to make into gil is Materia, an easy to search and low risk investments market dealing with the career. Although it may be quite harder in the start but later on in the long run when you have the grip it’s the ultimate victory in its starting phase itself. 

Likewise, these could also be done by buying larger stacks of items and then further dividing them into smaller ones which have the same values as the prior ones making them more expensive. As many would be starting with smaller stacks. The gatherers would sell a large stack of items while the crafters would start with a small amount of stacks.

Hence in such a situation, buying larger stacks at low price and then breaking and selling them into higher prices is the real game changer that could differentiate and make you more gils. 

Wise decisions

Wise decisions are as good as the share market, advantageous at one point and again seemingly impossible to the next moment. The prices may go up and down in a blink hence making wise decisions also matters a lot. You cannot just buy something in order to sell it later. 

Sometimes it is also about investing what is best for you as an instinct of survival. Something that might be valuable today may lose its integrity in the long run.So, unless it can avoid the tactic of buying and selling and choose wisely before making it.


Tradeskills are like first gaining and then further selling them can be a very easy method of skills used to make gil. These skills help in trading a lot. Henceforth, these should be made wisely so as the end payback is worth taking the whole risk. While choosing the profession one has to be very sure and sharp in it. Here are some techniques that would help you primarily.

ffxiv gil making guide

Profession that is complementary to others

Choose a profession that offers multiple platforms. This negotiation would help to build maximum profits and minimize the levels of loss. Gathering professions may provide something for each crafting profession which would end up working in your favor to earn more gils 

Refrain using shortcuts

Using shortcuts may lead to less opportunities. These would not only decrease your gil but also would decrease the amount of experience that is being required for making more numbers of gil. 

Take risks

After like level 25, some valuables can be only found through the item dropped from the monsters or by 

other professionals. Hence, investing during that time can bring more value into your profession which can be an ultimate game changer for you.

Work Meticulously

While crafting it is utmost necessary for you to go for levequest. This would help in gaining the experience with the benefit of learning with an earning method. Though it works in their favor if they are invested in small quality items. Investing into higher quality may lead to disappointments. Go for normalcy rather than high valued items as it might only help in gaining the experience rather than making the Gil.

Go for Quality

Usually you should only prefer prefer quality over the quantity. Valuables can be utilized and can be sold at any time. No matter at what  level you are, it would always end up graciously in the favor of the levequest present. Strive for the highest quality which would ultimately give you your money back in less duration of time. 


Every stage can be unlocked with the help of the levequests, which comes after every 12 hours interval up to the maximum level of 100. There are a total of 3 levequests. Each levequest will help to unlock 5 levels. Though this can be done by conversing with the appropriate levemate. Once a levemate is unlocked, you can directly talk into the main city which would ultimately lead to their lives for the designated level. These levequests can offer small money rewards or item rewards as per the offer provided. 

Battlecraft leves

Majority of opportunities lie in this while using the items or selling the market while the other levels may seem beneficial or provide little or more rewards in it. Battlecraft provides  ample amount of opportunities to acquire such gils in almost very less amount of time.

Choose something with reward

If at all not an useful item it should be at least something which could be sold to increase the profit margin. Hence, choose something that may come in handy while if not useful enough.

Hunt for it

During that period, you may come along some treasure chests. A quick idea would be to go through all of them and get the basic help that would maximize the profit levels. Play the treasure hunt and get what’s best and finish the stage of leve. During these many new things can be tried to make upto it.

Try maximum difficulty level

If the levels are finished in the given time interval, the Leve provides with the bonus which ultimately increases the bonas as well as provides with more gil.

Avoid grand company

In comparison to the grand company seals these provide with less amount of rewards. Grand company offers seals that are easy to manifest but often surpass these leves.

Combat at higher levels

After a certain duration, there are no longer combat levequest available. However, earlier leves can always be utilized again if at all necessary as there should be a way through each of them.

Dungeons and guildhests

A unique way to offer different ways to earn some gil is dungeons and guildhests. However, they may not provide profit earlier but still, they can offer some high-level items to trade in the market.

Use guildhest at least once

The gils rewards are highest on the first try. Although it gets increasing after a certain time, it’s ultimately the experience that increases the rewards as well the number of gills present from the starting stage to the present continuous ones.

ffxiv making gil with gathering

Dungeons help in items and chests

If you are lucky enough you may find the items and gils  or even the products to sell in the market.in addition to that if at all you help someone in the need it would help you to gain the plus points

Being healer or tank is better

Healer and tanks are the two basics that tend to queue for guildhests and dungeons. Playing with these routes helps and increases the levels of profit.

Trials should be avoided

A trial done to find a duty finder. While playing, refrain from doing anything rather than playing. Such things could decrease your chances of earning Gil.  If you want to earn more, go for a battle run again. 

Service charge

Solo games can be continued but sometimes they require people to complete the sessions. Though you rely on others still, this is one of the good ways to make Gil.


The most popular and the finest ways to level up in final fantasy XIV. Fates provides company seals, gil and experience, a most simple way to earn gil while gearing up. 

Team work 

Try to build and grow in a group. Thrive for more success as well as experience with the help of others. It may also lead to a significant position such as a gold medal which provides maximum rewards. 

Be confined

Stay away from enemies. Working around your enemies might lead to losing your chance to win the game that you can trade in order to earn profits. 

Expect less, Work more

Try words hard but expect less from it.  In the beginning earning Gil is hard but not impossible if you have items that can be traded easily.

Try to evolve

Do not just rely on fate, try new things even though it may lead to failure at times. Work on them. Try gathering,  questing or even something else between fates. If at all u have a group having the same fate then it’s easy or else sticks to the main grp. Going solo will decrease the chances of earning Gil quickly. 

Don’t Heal

Healing during fates dresses the credit points.  Thus,  you would decrease your possibility of getting a gold medal if you go for healing. Instead of healing choose tank or DPS. or else if you need to heal you can throw an AOE attack to hit multiple targets. 

ffxiv miner gil making

Guide for making FF XIV gil. Though,  farming is the best way to obtain millions of gil. Here are some ways enlisted in which gils can be earned for Final Fantasy XIV which are as follows :

  1. Completing the quests
  2. Sell items for gil
  3. Level a gathering profession
  4. Duty roulettes
  5. Flipping items through market board
  6. Run dungeons
  7. Gardening
  8. Buy FFXIV Gil from PVP Bank
  9. Completing the challenge log
  10. Quick ventures
  11. Doing guideline or levequests
  12. Grand company
  13. Join map parties
  14. Unlock beast tribes
  15. The farming cap of FFXIV Gil
  16. Grafting items of FFXIV gil
  17. The forbidden land, eureka anemone
  18. Guildhests
  19. Fates
  20. Become a discipline of hand
  21. Treasure hunt
  22. The aquapolis
  23. Grand companies

The best methods to make gil from the above list are described in detail as follows.


Eureka is an extremely simple example in which many FINAL FANTASY players are getting intermittent advantages and which are extremely good so far. 

Eureka,  a forbidden land, is only accessible if you have finished the whole task from rahlgr’s reach through galiena. This location can not Be accessed from there . Complete the mission to finally relieve yourself from the raids etc things. 

The Main aim is to gather the anemos lockboxes and cracked clusters which are of great market value and hence can be traded easily. 

2. Treasure maps

Taling and earning gil is almost next to impossible without treasure maps in it. Treasure maps can lead to a lucrative gil through treasure hum farming. 

An experienced person in the discipline of land mostly May come across such few treasure maps of own that can be utilized in the whole journey. Although you can get these treasure maps through the market board when necessary. 

If at all you want a farm then your ultimate goal should be working in a team. These May be quite hard initially but later will decrease the time required to completely admire the endeavour. Finally, you would reach for a treasure hunt where you would have the most powerful monsters in order to earn the gil. 

3. Crafting 

The best and easiest way to make gil is through the discipline of hand and discipline of land. The most economically profitable crafters Are Culinarian,  alchemist,  blacksmith and goldsmith. The biggest advantage of this is they provide you with the furniture,  consumables,  gear and other materials for sale. The majority of players avoid disciplines of hand leading to an easy seller market for many crafters who are willing to work in this arena. 

Many do not want to invest time in crafting. However,  there is always a demand for common items in the market.  If you want to make gil easy and fast this is the best method to achieve your goal. 

4. Gathering 

Discipline of the hand goes along with the disciplines of land. In Final Fantasy for every crafter there is one gatherer too. Ultimately in the end there would be a handsome amount of earnings that could be made by gathering materials to trade into the market. 

Many of them don’t utilise their time to gather such items for trading.  Which subsequently can help u to trade things in the market to earn more gil.  The more gatherings the more gil making can be done. The rate of gil making is directly proportional to the leve of gatherings you make. 

Botany,  fishing and mining comes under the arena  of discipline of land which can be utilized for earning profits. Though you might prefer crafting still you should always invest some time in establishing the disciplines of land. This would help to buy your own crafting items

Utilizing your time for leveling your mining would help you to gather a lot of profit in a rather considerable amount of time with undivided focus. Profits can also be gained by clusters,  crystals and with the elemental shards

5. Roulettes

If you are not that good or pro in crafting and gathering you can also make gil through roulettes. Joining dungeon roulettes you can nearly make up to nine thousand gil whereas trial roulettes can help u zo earn upto ten thousand gil. The best to gain maximum profits from these adventures is by taking ‘adventure in need’ bonuses. The most fascinating and demanding role is of healer and tank in the adventure in need. Steadily you will start making in one of those areas to earn the Gil further as per your specialty.

In order to start roulettes you first need to finish up to level ten of your main story quests. After this you can also unlock the duty finder. This can be done by going back to the main menu after the completion of the task.

After choosing the duty finder select the blue square question mark from the view of your unlocked roulettes. After this you can choose  roulettes of your choice to begin making gil and further increasing your experience. 

gil making ffxiv

6. Ventures

No matter in which form you choose to farm for gil, utilizing ventures is a phenomenal way to boost your gil and its trades. You can complete such small ventures and get some rewards out of it without any cost and energy. 

To unlock the retainer ventures you need to first complete the seventeen levels of main quest under scions of the seventh dawn after which spec about the class and gear of that particular retainer. 

As you complete your retainer venture, you are assumed to gain the experience and level to get a boost in your level. However, this will be more profitable the longer you do it, the more gil you will earn for yourself. 

Next to it is gathering bells to call your retainer forward to lead the tasks. You can assign your task to your particular retainer at that time by utilizing the option of ‘assign venture’ to your retainer. Although to send the retainer of your choice you need to use your currency. You can gather this currency by finishing the tribe quests,  levemates and you can have trade company seals. 

After finishing the venture,  the retainer will receive some rewards or quality items that can be traded on the market board. This can be utilized to gain maximum profits from it. 

7. Challenge log

As the method of farming is determined as per the choice we can further start utilizing ventures in our other time to get some extra gil. For such times,  you can go for the challenge log. 

A challenge log is basically a list of tasks that has to be done by you to get experience as well as to earn the Gil. Finishing a simple challenge log may provide us with almost one thousand gil. But you can earn nearly fifteen thousand gil by the duration of a week’s time. 

The challenge log is only available after finishing the level fifteen that is ‘rising to the challenge ‘in the limsa lominsa upper deck. After completing the task when u go for the main menu you will get the tab of challenge log available for you. 

8. Trading seals and tombstones

They are the unique tokens available through the dungeons, roulettes and the trials. Company seals and allagan tomestone can be easily traded in the market to get almost up to 1000 gils.

This can be only done if you know and can choose wisely the item that has to be traded in the market. You can use them for promotion and can often sell them.

9. Palace of the dead

After unlocking the 17 level,  an ever-changing dungeon appears quite popularly known as the palace of the dead. 

It has many unique ways to gain the Gils and trade them easily. One valuable loot can increase your gil by trading tremendously.

10. Discipline of the land

The most utilized and trusted method that everyone uses almost once in a while is the discipline of the land. It helps to gain the valuable items that can pull almost around 1000 -2000 gils in a go. There are various ways to achieve this like minor class exploring eorzea,  ul’dah,  botanist from gridania and many more.  A classic way to level up a crafter to save money by making their own trading items. 

Discipline of hand can easily outnumber the discipline of land by running and trading among the cities and steadily going at a fast pace to earn in a small arena itself. 

making gil in ffxiv
FFXIV Making Gil

How to purchase FFXIV Gil? 

There are basically 4 ways of purchasing Final Fantasy XIV gil.

1. Face to face delivery

The legit and the most easy method of buying FFXIV gil. It starts with PVP bank, choose the server of your desire and tge amount of gil that you could Pay and go for the transaction.login into your character and accept the friend request by the PVP bank. The transaction can be done in person. Direct buying of such gil leads to verified accounts. Thus, the account can be never claimed as scammed or banned. 

2. Market board

Choose the product of trade as per your desire and make an offer for the trade. Go to your PVP bank and purchase the item as per the choice.  This may lead to a decrease of almost 5% of your Gil as the charge for the transaction made. 3

3 .FC Chest

If you have a FC chest account,  you can get the gil into your account directly by the seller. 

4. Buy FFXIV items directly

Rather than buying gil,  you can directly trade items with PVP Bank. They offer a great package for such trades too. 

Some complementary tips for earning Gil that works no matter what situation bestows upon you while you are Final Fantasy XIV to gain or store some Gil :

  • Don’t purchase Gil. It is usually like a trap or scam. There is a wide possibility that your system may get hacked or you might lose out some of your finances. This encourages spammers to build more of such traps to utilize others and gain profits from it. 
  • Try to rebuild your items with the help of trade skills. Finally it comes handy when you have a grip on your own items and techniques to skillfully overcome your problems rather than making an NPC repair it for you. 
  • Try to wear something that could be further utilised as materia. Even if it’s not a considerable amount to wear it again, you can change or sell it.
  • Go for all kinds of quests.  Usually a lot of them offer items,  rewards or certain pieces of allagan that can be utilized to trade in order to gain Gil. Complete all the storyline important quests too. 
  • Join a group.  A group of people will help you to grow along with them. Team work pays off and will majorly help you to get some amount of Gil, rewards,  items and many more such things. Hence for this reason join a free company if possible. 
  • Go for ventures,  if necessary retainer ventures.  Retainer ventures are quite simple, steady and maintain the flow of masterism. They may also reward you with the most random things. This way you may drastically win something that’s worth millions of gil. 


Final Fantasy XIV provides an exclusive term for the players which it regards with the profit making in massive multiplayer online games. This game has its own special provisions to mix and match the various methods and maximize the earning of gils as well as the trading of items. 

The kinds of methods described above are still less explanatory in comparison to the actual game plan that is being offered by the final fantasy  XIV to overcome the boredom and make the best outcome from it. 

If you have any special tips to play and overcome the obstacles in final fantasy XIV for making gil please mention them in the comments section.