How Old is Trevor in GTA 5? Answered

GTA 5 has three playable characters and each of them has a different role in the game including the mission. In most of the missions, all three characters are together one of the characters that is popular among GTA 5 players is Trevor.

Here we featured information about Trevor such as what is age, his hometown and more. So stay connected with us.

How Old is Trevor in GTA 5?

Trevor Phillips is a playable character in GTA 5 he was born on November 14, 1967, at the Canadian border region of America. Since the release of the GTA 5 Trevor is 46 old in 2013 so as of now in 2023 he is 56 years old.

He changes lots of houses in his childhood according to the GTA 5 Trevor has switched 5 states in 2 counties and 14 homes along with 3 care homes and 2 correctional facilities.

Trevor’s father has abandoned him in front of the shopping mall and he has a toxic relationship with her mother. Later in the game, he burned down the mall where his father left him.

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He also has a brother named Ryan that dies in 2013 from an accident. Trevor does not get any kind of education because he dropped out of school in childhood age.

Trevor is well known as the criminal and weirdo who does things in his own way. In his criminal journey, he join Michael Townley’s gang in 1993 and become a proper criminal.

In the starting mission of GTA 5, there is a mission that did not go as planned for Trevor, Michal and Brad. He believes that during the mission Michal was dead and Brad in prison. After some time he learned that Michal is alive he feels betrayed but also happy that his friend Michal is alive and they still have to chance to become together.

At the ending mission of GTA 5, There is a mission given to Franklin in which he has to kill Trevor or Michael does the fate of Trevor depending on the player.

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