How To Buy an Arcade in GTA 5? Explained

GTA 5 Online has lots of ways to make money such as buying a business, investing in the stock market and more. Such as buying Vehicle Warehouses in GTA 5 Online you can also purchase Arcade Mall to make a good amount of money.

If you looking for a guide to know how you can purchase an Arcade in GTA 5 Online then you’re in the correct spot. Here we cover step by step guide that might come in handy for you.

How To Get Arcade in GTA 5 Online?

In GTA 5 Online to purchase an arcade you need to meet the NPC called Lester Crest at Mirror Park. Once you interact with Crest the cutscene will play for a few seconds and then end. Just after that, you can easily buy an Arcade in the game.

Here are the step-by-step instructions on getting the Arcade in GTA 5 Online.

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Step 1:

Go to Mirror Park to get the text the Lester Crest.

arcade in gta 5

Step 2:

Once the text is triggered there will be the cutscene with Lester and Georgina Cheng.

Step 3:

After the cutscene, access your phone and open the Internet.

Step 4:

Head to the

Step 5:

cheapest arcade in gta 5
how to buy an arcade in gta 5

Now, choose the property that you prefer to purchase using the map. Make the payment and confirm it.

After following all the above steps you can easily purchase an arcade in GTA 5 Online. There are a total of 6 arcades available to purchase and the following are the prices.

Eight-Bit in Vinewood $2,530,000
Insert Coin in Rockford Hills$2,345,000
Pixel Pete’s in Paleto Bay$1,235,000
Videogeddon in La Mesa$1,875,000
Warehouse in Davis $2,135,000
Wonderama in Grapeseed$1,565,000

If you planning to do The Diamond Casino Heist then you should pick up the La Mesa arcade.

How To Complete The Diamond Casino Heist

Once you purchase the Arcade you can launch the Diamond Casino Heist for that you need to enter your Arcade office and interact with the Lester Speaks to start the heist. Once you interact with Lester the staircase to a basement location. Where you will find a plan for the Diamond Casino Heist along with Master Control Terminal.

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The Diamond Casino Heist gives you multiple options to complete this heist you can pick from Silent & SneakyBig Con, or Aggressive. You need to spend $25K for this mission but the output is great than the investment it will be around $2,115,000 along with rewards.

This Heist can be played with other 3 players so you can team with your friends to complete this Heist. We suggest you pick from Silent & Sneaky or Big Con options. The Aggressive option involved gunfire that can reduce the amount of cash you get.

This is all for this short guide for more relevant guides do check our GTA 5 Online guides section.