Escape From Tarkov: Chemical Part 1 Quest Guide

The chemical part 1 quest is given by Skier. The chemical part 1 quest is to be completed on the custom map. To do the chemical part 1 quest you have to reach at least level 10. To reach higher and grow your character level you will need to complete the quests.

If you don’t do that or are stuck there you won’t be able to move forward to the next level and next quests. The quest is kind of tricky due to lots of data to find here.

But we mentioned step by step. So here we listed all the data about chemical part 1. Follow this guide to complete the chemical part 1 quest.


So, Sherlock, you want a riddle? You’re our pro on these headcrackers, right? Here, look. One lame hobo came around here. Either nuts or just demented, hell if I knew. All in rags, dirty head to toe, and the stench! A walking chemical weapon. Launched one on some vector, and where he goes, everything dies off.

Hehe. Oh, damn, laughter through tears. But I digress. Just wanted to dispose of him, a bit farther away so the stink wouldn’t reach us, but one of our boys recognized his former homie in that pile of turd. Imagine that! Horrid things are going on, turning people from normal beings to such rubbish, and all for nothing! But that’s not the point.

The dude that recognized this heap of rags, said that he was not just a regular prick, but a Deputy Head of Security for two special sensitive zones on the Polikhim! Just imagine what kind of source he could become if he could at least remember his name, not just chew snots and mumble while slapping lips like a madman.

What a shame! I don’t know what got to him, but here’s what I think. All this time that bagger lived somewhere, sleeping on some pissed-through mattresses, right? Right! You should look for that place. Need a hazmat suit? Haha, kidding. But if it comes to it, the hazmat’s on me, and not only it.


  1. You have to reach level 10 to commence the chemical part 1 quest.
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  1. Collection of data about the deputy chief’s history on the customs map
  2. Find the location of the sleeping place of the former Deputy chief of security on a custom map
  3. Submit collected data to Skier
  4. Collect items that useful in an investigation
  5. Submit collected items to Skier

How To Complete Chemical Part 1 Quest?

The location of the chemical part 1 quest is a Custom map. First, go to the custom map and on a map, you will see the location of the train carriage before the junction of the tracks. The exact location of the train carriage is on the boiler side of customs between ZB 1012 and Zb 1011.

Chemical Part 1 location
image credit to Piranha

Go on that train carriage on the inside you will find a sports bag. The information you need to complete the quest may be right of the bottom left corner in a crack. The location is hard to reach and grab so you have to be in a prone position to reach the data. As you collect the data now you just have to end it safely.

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location Chemical Part 1
image credit to Piranha

The folder can be available on the three different sides of the train compartment. Three out of four will be on a train and the other one may be spot-on candles and buckets on a section of blue trap.

The key is hard to find in the custom map. If you are lucky then you will spot the key on the train carriage. Also, the dorm key can be found around drawers and jackets at various places on the custom map. The dorm is also available at a flea market. You can purchase the dorm key for 12500p from a flea market.

Now extract alive from a custom map and your chemical part 1 Skier quest is complete.


  • Experience level: +4800
  • Respect: +0.04 Skier
  • Rubbles: 15000
  • 1 MSA ACH TC -2002 MICH series helmet

You have to reach level 10, Skier will give you the quest Chemical part 1. Which will be on a custom map. You have to find the dorm key and folder 0013. The door room key can be found at the Flea market and in a train car. Folder 0013 you can find from a train car.

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There are three spots on the train car where you can look for a folder. The items will be saved on inventory. Just extract from the game successfully to complete the quest.

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