How Old is Zhongli Genshin Impact? Answered

Genshin Impact has a storyline that extends into 7 complete nations with a cast of unique characters. One interesting aspect about them is their ages.

The majority of them are teenagers or young adults. However, some characters are much older than their ancestors, and their appearances may mislead players about their age. 

Zhongli, a 5-star character, is 28 years old (human form) and 6000+ years old (archon form). He is also a mortal vessel but for the Geo Archon, Morax.

Zhongli played an important part in the creation of Liyue and the rest of the world, as Mora is directly related to him. Furthermore, Zhongli knows the cataclysm he cannot share with the traveler because of his long life.

how old is zhongli

Note: The actual age of Zhongli is never revealed. Morax is said to be over 6000 years old, having helped shape the geography of Liyue. Over 6000 years old is a broad range, but it confirms that Zhongli is not younger than that. As a result, Zhongli is the oldest character in Genshin Impact.

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Is Zhongli older than Venti?

Yes, Zhongli is older than Venti. In the world of “Genshin Impact,” Zhongli is renowned as the Geo Archon and the former god of contracts.

He appears to be an older character, physically and in his demeanor. Venti, conversely, is the former bard Barbatos and the Anemo Archon. Venti appears to be more youthful and carefree than Zhongli.

Venti is one of the seven original Archons that took part in the Archon Wars 2000 years ago. Venti is currently considered to be around 2600 years old. 

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