Genshin Impact: Hereafter Return To The Mountains Quest

Here we explain the Hereafter Return To The Mountains quest and how you can complete it in Genshin Impact.

The final quest in the Genshin Impact Hereafter quest chain is Hereafter: Return to the Mountains also Some world quests are a part of a series, requiring the previous one in the series in order to unlock.

Others have requirements for adventure rank or are only accessible once you complete a specific archons quest. Also, there is no further activity for this quest simply speaks with Wang Ping’an in the freshly constructed Temple of Pervases to accomplish it.

Genshin Impact: Overview

The game has a fantasy open-world landscape as well as an action-based fighting system that uses elemental magic, character swapping, and a gacha monetization system that allows players to get additional characters, weapons, and other materials.

The game requires an online connection to play and has a limited multiplayer option that allows up to four people on a planet. Every character has two distinct fighting abilities: Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst.

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The Elemental Skill can be used at any time, with the exception of the cooldown period immediately following usage, however, the Elemental Burst has an Energy Cost, requiring the user to gather enough Energy beforehand.

Elements Elemental Reaction Tutorial Overloaded.pngAnemo, Cryo, Dendro, Electro, Geo, Hydro, and Pyro are the seven natural elements that characters may manipulate. To easily defeat adversaries, combine these elements utilizing Elemental Reactions.

hereafter return to the mountains quest
hereafter return to the mountains quest

Hereafter Quests Guide in Genshin Impact

This page will assist players in completing the Hereafter Quest. Only after completing Syaoran’s tale task may the quest Hereafter All is Well on Lyue begin.

Before you may start Hereafter Quests in Genshin Impact, players must first finish the chapters of Xiaos Story. To access and begin the second Quest, gamers must first complete Xiao’s tale quest.

The Second Quest requires you to fight every one of the treasure hoarders outside of Pervas Temple. There are no further chores in The Last Quest since you would just talk with Vang Pingan in Pervas’ newly erected Temple to complete the quest. To begin the task, teleport to the Pervas temple and talk with Wang Pingan.

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Once you’ve finished looting, return to Iris at Adventure Camp and speak with her to complete the task. To begin the task, chat with Iris in the Adventure Camp in Dragonspine, then proceed to the next Waypoint from the Camp and head towards Frostarms Ravager next door.

You will have finished the global quest and gained a secret accomplishment once you have completed the talks and cut scenes.

Full Quest: Walkthrough

  • Teleport to pervas temple and have a chat with vang pingman in pervas temple
  • Complete the loot and return to the Iris at adventure camp
  • Head towards Frostarms ravage next door
  • Wait for the everyday restart, then return to the temple to begin the quest “Hereafter: Return to the Mountains.”
  • Chat with Wang Ping’an now that the temple is finished. Offering incense to the altar completes the quest line.

Hereafter: Return to the Mountains Rewards

While doing quests on Mountie, Genshin Impact players will receive many rewards, which can be classified into two major sources.

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You’ll get the “ALL IS WELL Objective: Help Wang Ping’an renovate Pervases’ Temple” achievement.

Hereafter: Return to the Mountains is the only subquest in the Hereafter series that gives rewards.

  • AVENTURE XP x150
  • MORA x3000
  • HERO’S WIT x3

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