How To Backstab in Elden Ring? Explained

Wondering, how to backstab in Elden Ring? In the Elden Ring, there is some attack depending on the accuracy, strength of character and weapons, and more importantly how much damage it causes to enemies. In some combats, enemies can create more damage to you at close range and some are at a wide range.

So you have to be precise and prepare for every attack. So to knock out enemies in either range you must give a shot to backstab in the Elden Ring. If you don’t know how to backstab in the Elden Ring then follow this guide.

The backstab will help you kill an enemy with just one accurate swing. If you are skilled in close-range weapons with backstabbing options you don’t need to attack enemies twice.

How to Backstab in the Elden Ring?

Backstab is a critical attack in the Elden Ring. Critical attacks are not just random moves like you press any two keys and their form. To perform backstab you don’t need to use multiple skills or unlock rare items. You can simply use it with one simple key. But you have to be very accurate and precise about it.

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It’s like Sniping but in closed range, you have to be in range so that your weapon can attack the enemy back and precisely so that your weapon can break the spine or penetrate through the body.

When any newbie starts the game, by default the players will receive essential guidance about the gameplay. But it won’t track you all the things such as backstabbing. Users don’t know many things at first and when they fight with the hard boss they might fail first without skills.

  1. While in battle or on open land you have to be on the backside of the enemies. Not too far, you have to be in the range of your hand and weapons.
  2. Stand Behind enemy and press only light attack button
  3. On the controller light attack button will be on the right shoulder and for the PC it will be a left mouse click.
  4. Make sure that your attack makes a 45-degree angle.
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The other thing you should know about backstab is, when you attack with a light button make sure you don’t press any other button, which includes movement too.

If you move left or right to change the aim and at the same time press the light attack button it won’t work. After getting a clear aim you just need to press the Light Attack button to backstab in Elden Ring.

That’s all you need to know about the backstab in Elden Ring. The important thing is when you reach any dungeons or other place where you know the boss exists. You just have to be very quick and stand behind the boss and press the Light Attack button. It’s kind of simple with the boss if you are accurate.

But in a PvP battle, it’s kind of hard to reach the backside and attack the player. So focusing only on backstabbing might not help you with that. Also if you have closed-range weapons like daggers and swords can make a good impact on enemies.

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