How To Get Special Vehicle Work in GTA Online

There are several ways to make money in GTA Online such as robbing stores, taking part in street races, and completing the heist mission however to make fast money in GTA Online the best option is investing in business or properties. For this, you need to register as the VIP or CEO of the business in the game.

The VIP and CEO can make a good amount of money by completing the missions. Special Vehicle Work is one of the missions of GTA Online that you can complete to make money. The minimum requirement for this mission is 2 players and a maximum of 4 players.

How To Start Special Vehicle Work in GTA Online

In order to get you to need to become the CEO for that you need to purchase an Executive Office from Dynasty 8 website. Once you get to the office there will be a computer in your office that you can operate to get the missions.

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With the help of the computer, you can visit to the  SecuroServ website to get the missions. To get the Special Vehicle Work mission to follow the below steps.

1. Access your Office Computer.

Office in GTA Online
special vehicle work gta 5

2. Visit the SecuroServ website.

gta online special vehicle work

3. Choose the “Special Vehicle Work.”

gta online special vehicles

4. Pick the mission you prefer to complete.

special vehicles gta 5

5. Click on “Launch mission” and “Confirm”.

CEO in GTA Online can easily start special vehicle work missions from their office computer. This mission requires driving modified vehicles once you complete these missions the trade price for those vehicles will be unlocked.

Unlocking All Special Vehicle Work Missions

At first, the Special Vehicle Work mission is locked and in order to unlock it players need to complete the Vehicle Cargo missions. In these missions, you need to steal a certain amount of cars and once you complete these missions the SPW mission will be unlocked in GTA Online. Below is the list of cars that you need to steal in the Vehicle Cargo mission to unlock the SPW missions.

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Name of Cars Number of Cars To Steal
Arms Embargo32
Coast Guard Duty24
Breakdown Recovery 8
End of Transmission28
Escape Escort4
Firewall Protection20
Asset Seizure16
Cleanup Op12

Note: All the Vehicle Cargo missions must be done at Rank 1.


To unlock the Special Vehicle Missions in GTA Online you need to do the following things. Register as the CEO or VIP, Purchase an office building, and Complete the Vehicle Cargo mission after that you can launch the SVM mission using the office computer by completing them you will unlock the trade price of the vehicle.

This is all for the Special Vehicle Mission guide for more related guides do check our GTA Online guide section.

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