What is Poise Stat in Elden Ring? Explained

Wondering, what is Poise in Elden Ring? Don’t worry here we got you covered all information about it.

Elden Ring is one of the popular games of FromSoftware with lots of powerful bosses, complex in-game machines, attributes and stat. More importantly, to level up your gaming skills in Elden Ring you need to know all attributes and stat that come in handy for you during the fights.

One of the stat in Elden Ring is Poise which confused lots of players. Don’t worry, here we featured a guide that covers what is Poise in Elden Ring along with other useful information related to it that may come in handy for you.

What is Poise in Elden Ring?

Well, as I’ve mentioned above Poise is one of the important stat in Elden Ring for the players. Mainly Poise stat in Elden Ring protect you from flinching or staggering by opponent attacks. As we know there is a total of three staggers in Elden Ring. Which are Weak Stagger, Weak Stagger and Knock-down.

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What is Poise in Elden Ring
What is Poise in Elden Ring

In simple words, if you attack your opponent but your opponent strikes you first and the attack animation is running. In this case, if your Poise stat either cancels your attack or staggers you else your attack will land on the opponent while the animation is continued.

So if your Poise stat is low then your opponent’s attack will deal damage to you. And if your opponent’s poise is low then you can deliver a critical hit to your opponent.

The Poise stat is usually shown in the massive enemies as a glowing orange spot and simply attacking with a light attack gives you a critical hit animation.

How To Increase Poise Stat in Elden Ring?

There are some ways in which you can increase the Poise stat in Elden Ring. Such as by wearing armour, equipped with certain weapons such as ashes of war, incantations and more.

The high poise stat allows you to take more attacks without getting stunned. So make sure to avoid taking a continuous hit from the opponent.

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The Bull-Goat Armor is one of the armours in the Elden Ring that has a high Poise stat that players can wear.

Wrapping Up

The Poise stat in Elden Ring refers to the number of attacks that a player can take without getting critical damage. In simple words, if you have a high Poise stat then you can take more attacks from your enemies and easily deal a high amount of damage to them with continues attacks and combos.

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Elden Ring is 1st person role-playing video game introduced by FromSoftware. It is available for Windows PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S and Xbox One.