Pokemon Go Single Type Cup Best Teams

Pokemon Go Battle Weekend: Clay is here. Inspired by Gym Leader Clay in the Pokemon Black and White series, the event will run from Saturday, July 1, 2023, until Sunday, July 2, 2023, ending at 11:59 P.M. Local Time.

During the event, the Master League will be active along with the challenging Single Type Cup: Great League Edition.

In order to be part of the event, simply tap the Pokeball icon at the center of the screen and choose ‘Battle’ at the top-rightmost corner. Master League has no CP limit.

Great League limits Pokemon up to 1500 CP. Now that the Single Type Cup is encompassed by the Great League, additional rules include that Pokemon of one type are eligible.

Cresselia and Deoxys are two Pokemon disqualified from battling in the Pokemon Go Single Type Cup, which will run until July 6.

It is recommended to battle as much as possible in the first two days to complete the ‘GO Battle Day’ Timed Research missions that can be found in the Hidden Gems section.

  • Battle in Go Battle League 5 times (reward: 7500 XP)
  • Battle in Go Battle League 10 times (reward: 7500 XP)
  • Use 10 Supereffective Charged Attacks (reward: 7500 XP)
  • Power up Pokemon 10 times (reward: 7500 XP)

Completing the Timed Research will give the trainer three Rare Candy, Clay-Style Hat, and a unique TM.

Paid battle-themed Timed Research ($1 USD) is also available during the event. The research, eligible for Trainers level 31 and up, will reward 30,000 Stardust, one Star Piece, three Rare Candies, and three Rare Candy XL.

Recommended Strategy for Pokemon Go Single Type Cup

Pokemon Go Single Type Cup Best Teams
pokemon go single type cup

Novice and amateur trainers will seemingly opt for the Pokemon Go Single Type Cup rather than the Master Cup.

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After all, if the battle teams aren’t maxed out in the no CP limit Master Cup, there is a strong possibility that your opponent turns out to be way stronger and your ‘mons get one-shotted in the process (speaking from experience).

The ongoing tournament in the Great League Edition is no cakewalk either. Trainers must be wary of the Pokemon types they choose and their effectiveness/weaknesses. Shields must be strategically used. Moreover, the battle party must be as close to the 1500 CP as mark as possible.

Given below is a list of tactics that a Trainer must follow to achieve a winning streak in the Pokemon Go Single Type Cup.

Keep Them Thinking

Versatility goes a long way in being an effective trainer. Be sure to mix up your Pokemon types, Fire, Water, Psychic, etc.

To catch the opponent off-guard. Swap the active Pokemon if a certain type in the party gives 2x damage to the opponent’s active Pokemon.

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Backup Tactics

There is always one exceptional Pokemon at the party. However, rivals take it down by chipping away at its type weakness.

It is thus essential to have a backup Pokemon of the opposite type. For example, if your Flareon is pitted against Rock or Water type, swap your strongest Pokemon with a Leaf type.

Getting Physical

Fighting-type Pokemon have an edge in the Single Type Cup since their nemesis, Flying or Bug types, are rarely one-sided. Fighting types like Mankey and Hitmontop also have a fast moveset. Use this to your advantage.

Keep Shields Reserved For the Strongest Pokemon

A common yet risky tactic is to save Shields for the last Pokemon in the party, ideally the strongest one. By strong, it means a good amount of HP, Attack, and Defense, if not a perfect 15/15/15 IV.

Pokemon Go Single Type Cup Best Teams

Now that you are aware of the mix-and-match technique to be used in the League Battles, given below are some of the best Pokémon to consider for your team.


Only vulnerable to Fighting types. Fast moveset with Scratch and Body Slam having a TTFA of 4.5 seconds, compelling opponents to use Shields. Balanced ATK+DEF.


Poison Jab and Sludge Bomb have a DPS of 9.24. Mud Bomb Charged Attack takes almost 4 seconds for activation.

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Fighting-type Pokemon; Counter (12 DMG) and Close Combat (100 DMG) build is recommended if aiming for the last kill. Dynamic Punch is a good alternative.


The ideal ‘strongest Pokemon’ for the party. Massive ATK and Speed with Low Kick and Brick Break moves dealing a whopping 11.10 DPS at 3.6 seconds TTFA.


A Tank Pokemon often kept in the starting slot. It can be maxed out at 1418 CP with a Defense of 128 and Stamina of 487.

Trainers use Chansey to provoke opponents into using their Shields as the Psychic Charged Move takes little time to activate, dealing 90 damage for the cost of 50 energy.


An Electric-type, Luxray’s versatile moveset gives trainers an edge in PvP. The combination of Wild Charge (Electric) and Psychic Fangs deals massive damage.


Knows Quick Attack. Pairing it with Moonblast (10.36 DPS) or Dazzling Gleam (11.67 DPS) will counter most Fighting types as well as Dark and Dragon Types.

Other recommended Pokemon include Registeel (Steel), Regirock (Ground), Primeape (Fighting), and Slurpuff (Fairy).

These have a fast and damaging moveset but ultimately requires backup tactics due to their various type of weaknesses.

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