How to Cast Cleric Spells in Dark and Darker

The dark and darker wizards can use magical spells to damage opponents and help teammates. The cleric spells are important to the class’s abilities, but you must draw your stuff to cast them. 

Cleric Spells are for buffing, healing, and protection, which makes them a versatile support class for helping teammates or themselves. You need to make sure you have spells to choose from in the first place. I have mentioned everything you need to know about Dark and Darker Cleric Spells.  

cleric spells dark and darker

Casting Dark and Darker Cleric Spells

You must have spells to cast cleric spells in the dark and darker. Then switch to your staff:

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Equip a Spell Memory skill

This skill allows you to equip spells. You can find this skill under the “Perk and Skill” menu.

Choose five Cleric spells

You can choose from a variety of Cleric spells, such as healing spells, damage spells, and support spells. You can find these spells under the “Spell” menu.

Switch to your staff

Cleric spells can only be cast using a staff. You can switch to your staff by pressing the “2” key on your keyboard.

Choose a Cleric spell

Hold the “E” or “Q” key to bring up your radial spell menu. Then, use your mouse to select the Cleric spell you want to cast.

Cast your Cleric spell

Hold the right mouse button (RMB) to cast your chosen spell.

5 Most Powerful Cleric Spells in Dark and Darker

Despite the Cleric’s reputation as the easiest class and its frequent use as a “heal bot,” Dark & Darker doesn’t make it simple to keep your teammates well-supplied with healing. 

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Without the Cleric’s tremendous boosts and restoration magic, most groups would struggle to survive or break down after a few combats. Here are the five most powerful cleric spells that can help you during combat encounters:


With this spell, you can resurrect a dead teammate with 25% of their health. This extremely potent spell can bring a teammate back from the brink of death. It should be noted, however, that the spell only works if the teammate has been dead for less than 30 seconds.

Mass Heal

This spell is excellent for mending a team of allies who have been wounded. During a boss battle, it is also a useful spell for keeping your teammates alive.

Holy Bolt

This spell heals allies while inflicting damage on foes. This spell is adaptable and can be utilized for both offense and defense. It is an effective spell for delivering harm to opponents and for healing allies who have been wounded.

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Prayer of Protection

Allies receive a shield from this spell that deflects harm. This spell is excellent for shielding your teammates from harm. The shield has a high damage-absorbing capacity and can keep your comrades alive in a bloody battle.

Blessing of Light

The damage and healing output of allies is increased by this spell. This spell is excellent for enhancing your allies. They may deal more damage, enabling them to dispatch adversaries more quickly. Additionally, it may boost their capacity for mending, which may prolong their lives.