How to Catch a Glyptodon in Island Sanctuary (FFXIV)

Island Sanctuary is the place in FFXIV where you can catch and rise different sizes and types of animals. The Glyptodon is one of the unique creatures that you can catch in the Island Sanctuary. However, for catching Glyptodon in FFXIV you need to follow certain conditions.

Here at Gameinstants, we explained the complete process of catching the Glyptodon in Island Sanctuary that comes in handy for you.

Catching Glyptondon in Island Sanctuary

Similarly to other games like ark: survival evolved in FFXIV you also need certain tools and conditions to capture animals. The Glyptondon is one of the massive animals and in order to capture it you need to use the Makeshift Restraint.

You can access the Restraint once you reach Level 6 in Island Sanctuary in FFXIV. In order to craft this tool you need to have below mentioned items.

  • 3 Island Hemp
  • 1 Island Copper Ore

The Island Hemp can be found in multiple places in the game but the best place to get it is Coral Sands on the east side. The Island Copper Ore can be found on the edge of the north on the island sanctuary map. Once you have all the required items craft the Restraint.

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After successfully crafting the Makeshift Restraint you need to change to the capture mode.

Glyptodon ffxiv

Now to catch the Glyptodon you need to travel to the northeastern cliff on these coordinates (X: 31, Y: 11) we also highlighted the location on the above-mentioned screenshot.

More importantly. the Glytondon cannot be seen easily the best time period when you see them is 12 AM to 3 AM Eorzean Time in the early morning.

Once you found the Glytondon simply right-click on it to capture it and make sure to not alert it or else you need to try a few more attempts to capture it.

This is the end of this short guide for more similar content you can look up in your Final Fantasy XIV guide panel.