How To Get House in Raven Rock in Skyrim

When you complete the Morrowind questline in Skyrim you will need to reach Raven Rock which was located at the Solstheim. Once you reach Raven Rock you need to get a house in order to begin the questline.

Here we cover the information that helps you to know how to get the house in Raven Rock without having much hassle. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

Getting House in Raven Rock

house in raven rock
house in raven rock

Once you into the Solstheim you need to move in the east direction toward the Old Attius Farm where you will see Ash Spawn attacking Captain Veleth after saving him and interacting with the Captain and answering some of his questions.

After that Captain Veleth give you the task to search for the Ash Spawn and collect the note of “Declaration of the War” from them go to the ash spawn that you recently killed and collect the note and then again interact with the Captain. He then asks you to kill general Carius at Fort Frostmoth and remember there will many Ash Spawn that you need to kill.

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Once you take down all the Ash Spawn you will then come across the locked gate that required the key to open it. You will find the key on the Knapsack (bag near the table) that unlocks the gate.

Kill General Carius and return to Raven Rock and find Captain Veleth and interact with him again. Now the “March of the Undead” quest is completed. After that you need to head over to the Raven Rock mine and interact with the Crescius Caerellius he will give you the “The Final Descent” quest and you need to complete this quest to obtain the house in the Raven Rock.

After taking the quest you need to search the mine to find Crescius’s grandfather’s secrets. Look for the massive opening and drop down from there. On that location, you will find a gold and bloodskale blade. You need to open use the locked door using the blade and find the journal collecting the journal go back to Crescius that complete the his quest.

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Now find Captain Veleth he and give you the “Served Cold” quest. Now you need to interact with the Adril Arano. He will guide the situation of Councilor Morvayn and ask to investigate and recover the evidence.

Head to the Severin Manor, the evidence is located inside the locked safe in the bedroom. The key to the safe is on Mirri. After that again visit Adril Arano.

Then you need to Ashfallow Citadel and kill the Vendil he was a threat to the Councillor. In the last return to the Adril and he will take you to the Councillor. Where you will receive the rewards along with the house in Raven Rock as a reward for completing the questline.

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