How To Get illuminated Tree in FFXIV 

There are lots of special items that you can obtain in Final Fantasy XIV by completing the quests, taking part in the events and more. One of the items that most players want to get is an illuminated Tree. This item was introduced in the Starlight Celebration 2022 in which you need to complete a few quests to get rewards and one of the rewards is the illuminated tree.

However, the event has passed and how if you want to get the illumination tree in Final Fantasy XIV then you need to how and where you can get it. Here we cover all information that helps you to know how you get the illuminated tree in FFXIV.

How To Obtain illuminated Tree in Final Fantasy XIV

As I said above the illuminated tree was introduced as the reward in Starlight Celebration 2022 event. But don’t worry you can still get this item, you can purchase the illuminated tree from the Starlight vendor for 1000 Gils.

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The way to take this tree is by taking part in the Starlight Celebration event in order to take part in the event you need to meet the Amh Garanjy in the Old Gridania that you found on the following coordinates (X:10.2, Y:9.4).

The only requirement to take part in this event is your character should be at level 15. Simply select the character and meet the Amh. After that Reindeer Fame quest will begin and you need to complete it. Basically, the quest requires you to meet some of the characters in the game. Once you complete the quest you can go to the Starlight Vendor and purchase the illuminated tree for 1K Gils.

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