Pokemon Go: How To Catch A Shiny Bidoof?

Amidst the Bidoof Breakout, players want to catch a Shiny Bidoof in Pokemon Go? Rest assured, I’ve got you covered. Even though catching a Shiny Bidoof can be time-consuming, if you follow the instructions I’ve stated in this article, you will definitely catch one.

Catching the new shiny Bidoof won’t be difficult during the Bidoof breakout as the spawn rate is higher. Use the incense that will help you increase your chances of encountering Bidoof. Trainers should be aware that during cloudy weather, Bidoof is boosted. Therefore, you are likely to encounter a shiny Bidoof when the weather is cloudy. 

What Kind Of Pokemon Is Bidoof? 

A Bidoof is a normal-type Pokemon introduced in Generation IV of the game.

Bidoof is a very powerful creature. It can instantly kill its opponent in one shot, even if they dare to think about challenging it. In reality, Bidoof’s only value is participating in the Bidoof Cup.

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It constantly gnaws on logs and rocks to whittle down its front teeth. It nestles alongside the water. With nerves of steel, nothing can stop it!

Bidoof Cup

Bidoof Cup is a fighting-type charged move, which is one of Bidoof’s weaknesses. With this move on your team, you’ll have a great shot at success.

How To Catch A Bidoof in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Bidoof Pokemon Go
Image via Gameinstants

To catch a Bidoof, you have to walk out the front gate and go to the Fieldlands Camp in the Obsidian Fieldlands

Walk along the main path, and then as you make your way down the hill, there will be a few Bidoof just roaming around.

Where to Find a Bidoof

There are 3 locations to find a Bfoof 

  • Aspiration Hill.
  • Horseshoe Plains.
  • Tidewater Dam.

What Is A Shiny Bidoof?

A Shiny Bidoof is a part of the upcoming Bidoof Breakout event and is a particular type of Bidoof that Rusty spots and tries to capture shortly after defeating the Bug Catcher.

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It used to be a very rare Pokemon that players had a 1 in 4000 chance of catching. But as more games were released the chances of catching one has increased 

How To Catch A Shiny Bidoof?

There are many different ways to catch a Bidoof

We will be discussing them here.

  • You can catch them in the wild: This may take a while but by using Bidoof candy the chances of catching on increases 
  • You can do Field Research: Bidoof cup comes with exclusive Field Research tasks that will provide you with a Bidoof encounter 
  • You can use Lure Modules: Players can use this item to increase the spawn rate of Pokemon in any area.
  • Players can use Incense: Incenses are similar to Lure Modules which will help increase the spawn rate of the event Pokemon

It ultimately comes down to chance if a Shiny Bidoof appears. The Bidoof Breakout is the best way to find it since it will become much more difficult to spawn in the future. Don’t miss out on capturing this shiny.

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Now that you know all the ways to catch a Shiny Bidoof, don’t miss out on capturing one of these powerful creatures! Happy Camping. 

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