How To Change Difficulty In Dying Light

When you’re traveling about alone or you have a companion, you can find yourself being swarmed from time to time. There are a variety of reasons why players would wish to lower the difficulty in Dying Light.

While some games avoid providing a difficulty option, this is not one of them. Players can simply modify the game’s difficulty, albeit this cannot be done while playing the game and must be done through the main menu.

Because players cannot modify the difficulty in-game, they must exit to the main menu. From here, select Play, followed by Campaign. Instead of immediately returning to the game, go to the Advanced menu to locate the difficulty choices.

How To Change Difficulty in Dying Light

Players can choose between Story Mode, Normal Mode, Hard Mode, and Nightmare Mode. Story Mode is the Dying Light version of Easy, and it makes things much more doable. Crane will be tougher, deal more damage, locate more supplies, and so on.

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Players can choose Story Mode for a variety of reasons, but it is likely to get a lot more use at the present. Some gamers merely want to go through Dying Light to refresh their memories of the plot, and it’s logical that they wouldn’t want to cope with the game’s usual difficulty while doing so.

Others can find Normal to be too difficult, in which case Story Mode provides an equally enjoyable option. Regardless of the cause, Story Mode players will receive the full experience of the world creation, amazing parkour, and even some of the terror when fleeing away from Volatiles at night.

That’s all there is to adjusting the difficulty. On the other hand, players who are more confident in their abilities may choose Hard or even Nightmare difficulty, but be advised that this is quite difficult, especially on the first playthrough. It could make more sense to play the game on Normal and then switch to Nightmare on a New Game+ run.

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That’s how to change difficulty in Dying Light as I’ll see you in the next guide.