Location of the Voodoo Car in GTA Vice City

If you are a player or fan of GTA then you should know about the Voodoo car but if you are a newbie and don’t have any idea about the Voodoo car then don’t worry about it, this article is for you.

If you want to know about the Voodoo car then you have to know that the Voodoo car is a very famous motorcycle which is very easy to use and this is very popular in Vice City and with the Haitian gang.

In this Vice City of GTA you will be able to get this car in red color only. You will also get the black version in the mission Two Bit Hit but you will also get different types of colors in the later games. It has a highly moderated engine and easy to use features but here you will get hydraulics rather than the horn.

In this game this Voodoo car is classified as the gang car and you will not be able to replace it in the Vice City of GTA. Now we are going to discuss the location of the Voodoo Car in GTA so go through this article till the end.

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The Location of the Voodoo Car in GTA

Now you know that this Voodoo Car is easy to use, fast, smooth using and famous motorcycle with a highly moderated engine and you are able to get this Car in several sizes and different models also in Vice City of GTA.

And the black colored Voodoo Car will appear in GTA at the time of Two Bit Hit for the Haitian gang and you should also know that they will arrive at the funeral and you need to steal it first and also have to store it.

But you will get other options also which is you are able to get the Voodoos driver to the target before the pursuit end and start in the Voodoo car. And for that reason the gang members will not be able to damage them.

You will also be able see this Voodoo Car which only take place in Little Haiti from the Auntie Poulets shack and there is a chance that you will also be able to buy this car after the Trojan Voodoo mission.

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Tommy and Cubans also need Voodoo cars to hide themselves as Haitians then they will be able to take part in the mission from factory and you as a player have to take the responsibility to put up full cheat codes list and you will be able to get all hidden amazing rewards.

This is all for this guide for more similar content do check our GTA Vice City guides thanks for reading.

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