How to Catch an Apkallu of Paradise in Island Sanctuary in FFXIV

The island Sanctuary is your personal paradise in Final Fantasy XIV where you can perform lots of activities. Such as catching and rising animals there are lots of different types of animals available in the Island Sanctuary of different sizes.

One of the most popular animals that most players wanted to catch and raise is the Apkallu of Paradise. Here we featured a guide that explains how you can capture an Apkallu of Paradise in Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV without having much hassle.

How To Capture an Apkallu of Paradise in Island Sanctuary in FFXIV

In order to capture Apkallu of Paradise you need to craft a tool called Makeshift Net. That you already learn during the Island Sanctuary Tutorial. If you already have one then it’s no longer an issue but if case you don’t have one. Then, in this case, you need to craft it and for that, you need to have the following items.

  • 1 Island Branch
  • 2 Island Vine
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Both the items Island Branch and Island Vine can easily be found on the Island Sanctuary once you have them. Once you successfully crafted the Makeshift Net then you need to switch from crafting mode to capture mode and select the Makeshift Net as the tool.

Location of Apkallu of Paradise in Island Sanctuary in FFXIV

Similarly to other animals, the Apkallu of Paradise will spawn at certain locations and times. The best time to find Apkallu of Paradise is 12 PM to 3 PM Eorzean Time.

More importantly, the best location where you can find Apkallu of Paradise is the northern shores of the island of the beach on the following coordinates (X: 19, Y: 11).

You need to travel to the following coordinates at the Eorzean time mentioned above and you will successfully able to see the Apkallu of Paradise.

Once you see the Apkallu of Paradise easily approach it and use the Makeshift Net by selecting the Capture button and Right click on the Apkallu of Paradise. If you’re lucky you can capture it in a single try.

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Feeding the Apkallu daily can give you the Sanctuary Eggs and Sanctuary Fleece that you can use in cooking and crafting on the Island Sanctuary.

This is sum up for this short guide for more similar content do check our Final Fantasy XIV guide panel.