Where is Blaidd in Siofra River in Elden Ring (2024)

Where is Blaidd in Siofra River: In this modern generation and also in this gaming platform Elden Ring is maybe one of the most anticipated games. This game has NPCs that you have to figure out and you may be questioned with specific quests.

You have to figure out Blaidd which is one of those NPCs and here we are going to describe to you detailed information about where you are able to locate Blaidd in the Siofra River.

Who is Blaidd in Elden Ring?

Blaidd is the Half Wolf who is one of those NPC and he is also Ranni’d Blaid in the Elden Ring. In this game basically.

He was sent to discover Nokron’s unknown hidden treasure but Nokron is an unknown underground area so he was not aware of how he will figure out the entrance so he proposes that Tarnished join him in the Siofra River.

If we are going to talk about the Siofra River then I would like to inform you that the Siofra River is also a large underground area in Elden Ring and users have to figure out this area because they want to figure out Blaidd.

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Here you should also be informed that you are able to find him in the deepest part of the Siofra River and even after finishing Tarnished tasks also he will be found in the same area.

Where is the Blaidd in the Siofra River well in the Elden Ring

You have to know that after being unable to find the entrance of the Nokron near the Hallowhorn Grounds beside a cliff Blaidd is standing in the Siofra River. If you wish to figure him out then to reach that underground location you should use the Siofra River Well.

After the acceptance of serving the Ranni who is the witch, order Tarnished to talk with the three people on the first floor and at that place one of those people was Blaidd.

And he will be waiting beside a wall and then he will inform the users that he is going to head to the Siofra River, in search of Nokron, the eternal city.

And then on the eastern side of the Limgrave, the Mistwood Outskirts Site Tarnished have to visit. In the Torrent eastern part of the Erdtree, you will find a round building which is the Siofra River and if you want to figure out the Siofra River then you have to use the lift there and it will take you down to the Siofra River.

where is blaidd in siofra

Furthermore, there will be light up the Elden Ring Site of the Lost Grace, and in some distance, you will be able to figure out a huge archway which is surrounded by some destroyed pillars then you have to go to the entrance quickly and climb the left stairs. Then you should keep climbing until you figure out a gigantic waterfall there.

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And there near that gigantic waterfall, you will get a small-sized entrance, you have to enter the entrance and you will find an elevator inside that entrance. You have to use that elevator and where the elevator stops there you have to exit.

Then you have to ride north of the watery swamp and then you have to walk also to the Hallowhorn Grounds of the bonfire and pick up the elements from the corpse near the stairs and then walk West and also climb up the small slope you can figure out.

Then if you look ahead then you will be able to find a person far away waiting near a cliff and he is none other than Blaidd the Half Wolf.

That road you have crossed to figure out Blaidd must be full of enemies and difficulties but always difficulties make the game more fascinating as a result of this Tarnished might be injured while talking to the half-wolf so you should kill all your enemies this is our advice.

When will I not be able to find the Blaidd in the Elden Ring?

If you don’t meet Ranni the witch in Siofra River or Redmane Castle at first before meeting the Blaidd then you will not be able to find the Blaidd in the Elden Ring.

Which place will I be able to meet Ranni the Witch?

Near the Hallowhorn Grounds in the Siofra River where the dead deers, you will be able to meet Ranni the witch after Ranni summons the Blaidd.

Am I able to talk to Blaidd?

If you are going to approach the Evergaol then you will find the options to talk to the Blaidd.

Where can Blaidd be found after beating Radhan?

At the Forlorn Hound Evergaol in Limgrave, you might be able to figure out the Blaidd after beating Radhan.

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