Is Pokemon Legends Celebi Real or Fake? Answered

If you’re a fan of Pokemon video games then you must hear the name of Pokemon Legends Celebils and want to know if is it the sequel of the Pokemon Legends Arceus. Is it real when its going to release and more? Here we cover all information related to the Pokemon Legends Celebils.

Does Pokemon Legends Celebils is Real or Fake?

No, Pokemon Legends Celebils is not a real game and it’s not a sequel of the Pokemon Legends Arceus. Until now all the online speculation and rumours about this game are based on fan imagination.

However, they also a chance that there will be a Pokemon Legends Arceus sequel in future but it was not confirmed yet by the officials. But if there is anything like Legends Celebils that is under development it won’t be released until 2024.

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Does the Pokemon Legends Celebi trailer is Real or Fake?

If you’ve watched the trailer speculating on the YouTube of Pokemon Legends Celebi then you properly thinking does this trailer is real. The answer is No, the Pokemon Legends Celebi trailer is made by a Pokemon fan and animator YassiR.

This trailer has the concept of locations based on the Pokemon Legends Arceus along with the Pokemon like Blaziken, Torterra, Greninja, Altaria, and their Eeveelutions.

The concept of a trailer shows a location like Johto which was one of the popular regions in the Legends Arceus. But till now it’s just a dream and not real. The Pokemon fans have to wait till the gaming studio releases some update related to the sequel of the Pokemon Legends Arceus if there is one.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which Pokemon Game Celebi?

The Celebi Pokemon is listed in Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. The Celebi is a time travelling mythical Pokemon that was introduced in Generation II.

Q: Is There Sequal of Pokemon Legends Arceus?

No, until now there is no sequel of Pokemon Legends Arceus released by the Nintendo.

Q: Does the Pokemon Legends Celebi Trailer is Real?

No, The Pokemon Legends Celebi is a Pokemon fan trailer there is no real about this trailer.