How To Farm Cryotic in Warframe

Cryotic is another crafting component which you will require in Warframe. However, Warframe Cryotic doesn’t drop from enemies, to get the Cryotic you have to dig deep, you need to excavate to get the Cryotic in warframe.

Other than excavation, you can get the Cryotic from the Resources Caches. You can find the Cryotic Warframe in a sub-zero environment, as anything comes in contact with the Cryotic, Crytoic will freeze that thing. You have to participate in many excavation missions to get the Cryotic. 

Here we will discuss about the Cryotic Warframe, go through the article to find out all about the Cryotic Warframe. 

Best Place to Farm Cryotic Warframe:

The best to farm the Cryotic Warframe is on Pluto. In Pluto, there is location Hieracon where you can farm the Cryotic. In the excavation there will be enemies, the enemies will try to destroy your excavation process.

Cryotic in Warframe Location
Digital Extremes

So, you have to set the Warframe defence there. If the enemies manage to destroy your excavation system, you will get the reward as per the excavation done. We will suggest you use the Khora, Gara or Frost to defend the excavators. When the excavators will run out of power then the mining is done.

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To continue again, you have to collect the power cells. The power cell will drop from the enemies. As you kill the enemies they will drop the power cell and that power cell you need to use in the excavators to restart the mining process. Other than Crytotic, on Hieracon you can also receive the Neo Relics and Axi Relics. 

The reward will be based on the mining done, like how many excavtors have completed the task of mining and whether is it irrespective of the location and enemies will vary from place to place. 

Otherthan Hieracon Pluto, you can do the excavation on Earth too. On Earth, Everest has a mining mission where you can start the excavation to get the Cryotic. However, Compared to Pluto the Earth will be more favourable to do the excavation, the enemies are not that aggressive and not so strong. 

Cryotic Excavation Mission Warframe

Here in this table, we have mentioned a few places where you can do the excavation mission. 

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PlanetLocationTypelevelTile Set
EarthEverestExcavation1-6Grineer Forest
PlutoHieraconExcavation35-45Corpus Outpost
EuropaValeforExcavation18-23Corpus Ice planet
NeptuneDespinaExcavation27-32Corpus Outpost
VenusKilikenExcavation3-8Corpus Outpost
MarsAugustusExcavation9-14Grineer Settlement

Whichever Plante and Excavation mission you choose in warframe Cryotic Resoource you will obtain as a reward.

But the number of enemies will vary as per the level and planet. You have to choose Warframe to defend the excavator. If you fail to do that don’t disappoint you will be rewarded as per excavation is done. There are multiple rotations you can attempt, the one excavator is one rotation. 


Cryotic is a crafting resource that you can find in a sub-zero environment. You can find the Cryoitc through excavation. We have mentioned a list of planets and places where you can excavate. Further, there will be enemies.

You cannot ignore the enemies. You have to kill the enemies and get the power cells from that. The power cell will help to run the excavators. If somehow you fail to defend the excavators you will receive the Gryotic as per the excavation is done.

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This is all for how to get Cryotic in Warframe. For more similar content do check our Warframe guides section.