Best Locations to Farm Plastids in Warframe

In Warframe the Plastids are one of the important resources made of carapace or tissue with nanites and players can use it to build the weapons and items within the game. However, farming the Plastids in Warframe is hard because of the lesser quantity and usually, they do not drop in the game.

The best to get more Plastids is to farm them in Warframe. Most of the players don’t know how to farm them and what are the correct planets to farm Plastids.

Here we have covered information on the Warframe Planets where players can farm Plastids without the drawback of the low amount of plastids.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the best place to farm Plastids in Warframe.

warframe plastids

Assur (Uranus)

Assur is one of the best places to farm the Plastids. This planet allows players to get 25% boots on the resources to drop the rate. However, it’s a Dark Sector mission but that matters at all and still, it’s one of the perfect planets in Warframe to farm Plastids along with other useful resources that players can use within the game.

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Ophelia (Uranus)

Ophelia is the best place to farm not only the Plastids but also other in-game resources such as Gallium, Polymer Bundle, Detonate and more. It’s a survival mission and by completing it the player can get rewards such as resources such as Gallium and more.

Stickney (Phobos)

Stickney is also a survival mission with few enemies and is the best place to farm Plastids. Especially for the players who fresh started and don’t unlock many planets in Star Chart until now. Moving around with the shotguns and searching for the Life Support machines player can encounter the s natural Plastid Carapaces and lockers from the drop.

Akkad (Eris)

Akkad is a Dark Sector mission with almost 30 to 40 enemies on the Infested Ship. More importantly, it’s one of the last planets in the Star Chart that players can unlock. It’s one of the places to farm Plastids. The Eris dropped more Plastids compared to the other planets in the Star Chart. However, its the last planet to unlock make sure to your best loadout and mods to complete this mission.

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Piscinas (Saturn)

Piscinas is a Dark Sector mission it uses the Grineer Asteroid and does its gives the player a 20% increase in resource drop rate. In 5 minutes of extract, players can get more Plastids so make sure to increase the survival rate in this mission to gather more Plastids.

Palus (Pluto)

Pluto is also one of the places in the Warframe where players can gather lots of Platids because it’s one of the last planets in the Star Chart and it offers more Patids drop rate. The Palus is a survival mission with 30 to 40 enemies so make sure to use your best loadout and mods in this mission.

This is sum up for the best place to farm Plastids in the Warframe guide. Here at Gameinstants, we cover all information regarding gaming. If you’re interested do read our Warframe Guides for more helpful information related to Warframe.

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