Best Locations to Farm Plastids in Warframe (June 2022)

Plastids are fairly-common crafting material in Digital Extremes LTD’s Warframe. Regular quantities of plastids can be found on certain extractor missions, and extremity captures. While only small quantities can be acquired from Hive Sabotage missions and Hive Corpus Target Destroys.

So, let’s look at the detailed information on Plastids, how you can farm them, and the best locations to farm Plastids.

What are Plastids in Warframe?

Plastids are a crafting material in Warframe; they can be found as drops from dead Corpus enemies and plants on most planets. They can be used to craft the rare Coiled Spring, Vial, and Flower. These materials are mainly required to craft ranged weapons like Boltor sniper rifle and bow type-weapon types as these weapons require ammunition to fire.

They form the base for all “Oxium-based” Warframe components and cannot be assembled without first acquiring a Rank 7 or higher research (Oxium is the rarest resource necessary for crafting “plastid” weapons and defensive items).

The silica pearls that plastids are made of are among the remnants of the Grineer Queens 2.0 release after 270 worlds.

List of best Locations for Farm Plastids:-

warframe plastids

Saturn In Warframe

Saturn is a planet rich in an element known as plastids used to craft some of the best weapons and Warframes. Plantlife capable of generating plastids without assistance from polyp colonies has a special node on their roots called megacorp pores.

Players can easily find these nodes on roots increasing their ability to produce plastids by harvesting them with a simple approach. Most of the best mission rewards can currently only be obtained thru the enemies on Saturn through invasion missions and are not limited to orokin cells or nano spores; there are other cool rewards like hefty amounts of plat sols.

As well! Plastids can be obtained and harvested on hostile planets throughout the solar system for crafting alembics, masks, and weapons — particularly melee weapons and heavy swords, which require a lot fewer materials per upgrade than all other Warframe constellations.


The Uranus mission is a survival mission that takes place on the planet of Uranus. The player must survive for 10 minutes and collect plastids to complete the mission. In Warframe, players are always up for a tough challenge and eagerly want to delve into a fight that they can enjoy and survive.

Uranus mission has been one of the game’s most difficult missions, available only in “The Void” play space. Uranus mission introduced in Update 18: Ophelia provided 1,500 platinum on Nexus (1200 with Roda Prime deal) and was available for Tier 4 hunters until August 1st, 2018, before finally going exclusive to The Void (Tier 16).

The player starts with a Warframe with no weapons or abilities and must find weapons and abilities to survive. There are three types of enemies: Grineer, Corpus, and Infested. The Grineer are heavily armored soldiers who use rifles, shotguns, and occasionally sniper rifles.

The Corpus are lightly armored soldiers who use pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, and sniper rifles; the Infested are creatures that come in many different forms, but all have one thing in common. They can infect other players with a virus that will slowly kill them unless they find an antidote.


The Eris is a dark sector defence mission found in the Eris region of the solar system. The mission is available to players who have completed the Pluto Junction on Mercury. The objective of this mission is to defend a series of three plastid harvesters from waves of enemies. Players must defend each harvester for 10 minutes before moving on to the next one.

The first two harvesters are located near the landing site, while the third one is located at a distance. Eris is the second planet in the Warframe’s solar system and the mysterious third sector your team will visit.

From the 13th temple on Eris, Akkad Junction is a toxic garden where plastids are born. You might find them hard to grow, but don’t worry; you can also find them in Resource Caches or purchase them from Syndicates with Standing or Helminth Coils as a currency.


The Pluto is a survival mission in Warframe. It is located on Palus, Venus. The mission’s objective is to defend the plastid extraction machine from waves of enemies. The player must defend the plastid extraction machine from waves of enemies that spawn periodically.

The player can use any weapon they have equipped to kill enemies and must stay near the extraction machine to keep it repaired with their energy beam. If the player stays too far away from the extraction machine, it will be destroyed and fail the mission. Pluto is a planet in the Warframe game. It is the first planet that players will visit in the game.

The mission on Pluto is called “The Limbo Theorem.” Players need to find and destroy Palus, which are large, floating plants found on Pluto. Players can farm plastids by destroying Palus. They can also farm plastids by killing enemies and looting their corpses for plastids.


The Phobos is one of the six Low Orbit missions in Warframe. In this mission, players must survive a storm on the surface of Phobos while they try to reach extraction. The game features Frost freeze stages which change based on what core is active and how many enemies are killed near you. Touching smaller bads will also result in bonuses due to low oxygen.

This mission could be more difficult than any other mission in Warframe because of its claustrophobic trapping and scarcity of resources during the latter half. The game centres around the ancient battle between the original Progenitors and Sentients that led to sharply defined civilizations.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Plastids Farming with complete information.

What is the fastest way to farm plastids?

For Farming Plastids in Warframe faster you need to choose a perfect planet here are some of the locations that you can use in order to farm plastids faster. Uranus, Saturn, Eris and Pluto. This planet has the better environment to grow plastids faster in lesser time in Warframe.

Where can I buy plastids in Phobos?

That is why the Piscinas, Saturn is such an ideal location for plastid farming. It’s not merely a mid-level survival mission that’s open to a wide range of gamers. It is a member of the Infested faction. Unlike other groupings, these spawn in considerably bigger, more predictable swarms of opponents.

Do plastids drop from enemies?

You get the most bang for your money, as with most resources, by shattering resource objects around the area and killing a lot of foes. Plastids can fall from ordinary containers and even lockers, so be cautious.

What planets have plastids in Warframe?

Plastids are a rare component found in the regions of Saturn, Uranus, Phobos, Pluto, and Eris. It’s commonly available in 10 to 30 pound volumes.

Where can I buy Plastids on Deimos?

Plastids can be found as a global opponent drop, container loot, mission rewards, and everything else you’d expect from a native material on these planets (with the exception of Deimos). Deimos, in particular, will be kept in dedicated open-world containers and will not be a part of the local loot economy.

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