Dungeons and Dragons: How Does Concentration Work 5E

Imagine yourself on the cliff edge, heading towards a wide path, and on your next step, you lose concentration or focus. You might fall from the cliff if you are not lucky. It’s similar to Concentration in D&D 5E.

Concentration is an ability or skill in the Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. While using the spells, a message pops up by the DM and asks for a Concentration Check. While casting a spell, you have to focus on the spell, irrespective of the attack of the enemy. Due to the attack of the enemy, if you lose concentration in battle, you might lose the spell effect. 

Without any further delay, let’s find out How Concentration works in D&D 5E.

What is a Concentration in D&D 5E?

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How Does Concentration Work 5E

Concentration is the ability to focus on the cast spell. The Spellcaster has to be focused on the cast spell. However, it doesn’t apply to the spell. The spells that are denoted by “C” or Concentration have this ability.

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Suppose a spell might last for 5 hours, so if you are concentrated enough, the spell will last for 5 hours. But if you lose concentration at any point in time, the spell effects will vanish. Further, while using spells, the DM will do the Concentration check. 

Here we have listed spells that require the ability of Concentration:

  1. Invisibility
  2. Fly
  3. Haste
  4. Faerie Fire
  5. Bless
  6. Spirit Guardian
  7. Hypnotic Pattern

There is one cache too. At a time you can only hold your concentration on one of the spells. Suppose the Fly spell is active, and you try to activate the bless spell, then the Fly spell will no longer be used. 

How will a Player Character lose Concentration in battle?

In battle, if your player is constantly under attack, and taking damage from the enemy, the player will lose concentration 5e. The player no longer holds the power to cast that spell. During battle, if the player loses consciousness or dies the spell will end there. 

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An attack on the player may lead to breaking the concentration. 

1. Stun Effects

The player will be paralyzed or stunned due to stun effects. After that, a player will lose concentration and lose the spell. 

2. Exhaustion

There is an exhaustion bar for the player. If your character gets too tired and reaches the exhaust level above 3 then the character won’t be able to focus on the spell and lose concentration. 

3. Spells

There are other spells in Dungeons and Dragons 5E that lead to concentration breaks. If the enemy casts the earthquake spell or sleet storm, your character won’t be able to focus under that circumstance and lose concentration. 

These things will break the D&D Concentration 5E, but some ways can help you stay focused during tide and ebb. 

How to not lose Concentration 5E in DnD?

There are some ways you can hold concentration during the attack of the enemy. 

  1. War Caster Feat
  2. Resilient Feat
  3. Class Feature
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The war caster feat, it’s a kind of armor for your player character. The war caster will help you in constitution save throws for spells. On the other hand, the resilient feat will have an extra layer of protection on constitution saves. Also, you can have the class feature to increase concentration. 

All you have to do is maintain focus in battle. In battle, when your player character takes damage, the DM will ask you for a concentration check, if you pass one concentration check and are again critically hit by the enemy then you have to again go for the concentration check.

To protect yourself from the loop of the concentration check you can try the war caster feat, resilient feat, and class feature. 

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