How To Fix Texas Chainsaw The Supplied Credentials Are Invalid

The ‘Supplied Credentials Are Invalid’ error message in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game is caused by network and server problems. So, if you’re seeking a way to get past this problem, our tutorial provides the solution. Players are wasting important gaming time because there is little they can do to correct it. Hopefully, this instruction will be all you need to resolve the ‘Supplied Credentials Are Invalid’ problem in TCSM.

How to fix the Texas Chainsaw error 

Here are a few steps to fix the Texas Chainsaw The Supplied Credentials Are Invalid error.

Disable Your GPU Software

You could have overclocking software running in the background, aiming to improve the graphics performance of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. This, however, may be contributing to your inability to play at all. If you experience connectivity issues, the staff recommends deactivating tools such as MSI Afterburner on the game’s official Twitter.

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Restart Your Game 

It’s pointless to keep trying to join a game again and over. Instead, quit the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and then relaunch it. This will reconnect you to the online servers, and you should have a greater chance of entering a match after that.

Verify the Integrity of Game Files

steam verify intergrity of game cache
texas chainsaw the supplied credentials are invalid

There’s a chance you’re seeing this error notice because a portion of your game files used to validate your user ID has become damaged. Right-click Texas Chain Saw Massacre in your Steam game collection and select properties > local files > validate the integrity of game files

Reboot Your Deivce

The ‘turn it off and back on’ method is an oldie but a goodie. If everything else fails, simply restart your computer. This offers your network connection a brief refresh and should get you back on track. 

If everything else fails, contact the game’s support team to report the issue’s persistence. It might be a broad server problem that requires more research by the developers. 

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Video Guide

That’s how to fix the Texas Chainsaw The Supplied Credentials Are Invalid error as I’ll see you in the next guide of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre until then happy gaming.