The Texas Chainsaw Massacre How to Play With Friends

Wondering, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre How to Play With Friends? The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a 7-player asymmetrical horror game in which three killer teams hunt down four victims. While you may play with strangers, games of this type are most interesting when played with people you know.

The thrill of Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game is enhanced when buddies are invited and added to play co-op together. Its Crossplay ability expands the audience for this function because gamers from PC, PS, and Xbox can play together (with certain limits due to old-gen).

How to Play Multiplayer With Friends in The Texas ChainSaw Massacre 

To play multiplayer with friends in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, you must either create or join a lobby. Fortunately, starting a game with a friend is fairly straightforward.

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How to Create a Multiplayer Lobby

To create a lobby, navigate to the party settings tab on the main menu. On each platform or input method, use the following instructions to access it:

  • The options button on a PlayStation controller
  • The menu button on an Xbox controller
  • The “C” key on PC

When you access the party choices menu, you’ll find two options: “create party” and “join party.” To start a joinable session, click the create party option if you wish to host a party. The Texas ChainSaw Massacre then displays a randomly generated session code. This is just for crossplay parties, which are covered in more depth in our crossplay guide. This panel also has a “invite” option, which is used to directly invite players on the same platform as you.

How to Join Friends in Multiplayer

It’s a lot easier to play multiplayer with buddies in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. You don’t even need to reach the party choices screen if you’re on the same platform.

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The “join party” option is only available for crossplay parties. If your buddy is on the same platform, wait until the invitation is sent before accepting via the platform’s system-level alerts.

So that’s how to play with friends in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as I’ll see you in the next guide.