Honkai Star Rail: How To Get That Teacher’s Clothes From Yujin 

In the Honaki Star Rail journey, you need to find Yujin and get his clothes. The process is quite simple for this task. You have to first gather information about where Yujin is located and have an exchange dialogue with Yujin that’s it. The mission is over now. But, for that, you need to exchange correct dialogue with Yujin. You have to be patient while communicating with Yujin. 

As you choose the correct dialogue with Yujin, you will receive the Yujin That Teacher clothes. Also, you can receive the other items as a reward. 

Follow this guide to know the location of the Honkai Star Rail Yujin Location and How to get That Teacher Clother from Yujin. 

Follow this step to find Yujin in Honkai Star Rail

In the vast region of Honkai Star Rail region, you can find Yujin in Starwatcher Avenue in Central Starskiff Haven. You can find Yujin in there by walking south from there.

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You might be able to see a stall in that location while heading to south. Now, the curious guy is looking to be found, that’s Yujin. 

Now, half work is done. Afterward, you have to communicate with Yuijin to get Yujin clothes, That Teacher clothes. 

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How to get That Teacher Clothes from Yujin in HSR?

After finding Yujin in HSR, you have to talk to Yujin in order to get That Teacher clothes from Yujin. 

You have to follow this guide to get the That Teacher Clothes from Yujin. We have listed the dialogue in order, you just have to click on them in Honkai Star Rail. 

  • I’m fine, just browsing. 
  • Can I try the first one?
  • Do you greet Jing Yuan with this attitude as well?
  • I’ll go ask my brother Jing Yuan regarding this.
  • I’ll help “That Teacher” with his fetch errand.
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Now, you will receive That Teacher dress from Yujin in HSR. 

To finish this mission in the blink of an eye you can also follow these steps. 

  1. Visit the location Cloudforf and look specifically for the Trove of Verdure Platform.
  2. As you get there you have to find a ship in the port area. 
  3. Now, you just have to approach the ship and submit That Teacher option.

As you are done with this process you will get the rewards like Thief’s Myriad-Faced Mask, and Thief’s Steel Grappling Hook. Also in this journey, you will receive 30 Trailbaze EXP, 30 Stellar Jade, and 20 Strale. 


You need to follow the mentioned steps till you reach the That Teache dress. It’s easy as pie. Reach to the Starwatcher Avenue and head south from there, outside a shop you will find the Yujin. That’s all, now you have to exchange the dialogues and you will have that teacher dress. 

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